Thursday, 8 November 2018

Customer Photos

I thought it would be a lovely touch to post some photos of models that have well and truly settled into their new homes. If you have any photos of models painted or sculpted by me, feel free to email me with them as I love to see them!

The last I heard, these two reside in Germany.

This one is an AA resin I painted and haired, she lives in the States and as you can see, really suits purple!

This one was a lovely commission for a lady who resides in Austria.

This traditional unicorn is all the way up in the north of the UK! Doesn't she look fantastic on the beach!! The AA Arabian also lives there.

It is also so lovely seeing other artists bring my sculptures to life. This one was painted by the talented Amanda Greaves of Ymagiers studios.

This one was painted by Karen Grieves.

 And who remembers my Todd medallion, the first medallion I sculpted and reproduced!? Here is one painted to a gorgeous roan by Christine Sutcliffe, who also lives in Scotland.

As well as the Todd medallion, she resculpted slightly the Horatio model to a highland and also the Hamlet looks BEAUTIFUL as a show cob.

 The last two I have to show you today are two Breyer Traditional models. I love their photos, they look so lifelike.

Remember to share more photos with me if you have any, and you could be featured! I hope you enjoy.


Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Prince is ready to pre-order

Presenting... Prince!

 Prince is in between Stablemate and Little Bit scaled and will be cast in white polyurethane resin. I am so excited about him, his colour options are literally endless and he is so dynamic but a soft and gentle expression.

My initial goal was  Friesian stallion gallivanting in the countryside with his luscious locks of hair flowing behind him. But he would make a superb cob or any other light draught breed, or a cross breed.

He has fluffy feets!

I know I am improving with every sculpture I do and this one is no exception. Please note his tail isn't quite finished in these photos (you can probably tell, the tip in this photo!) but it will be as soon as he goes to the casters. He is also detachable from his base, which will also be cast in white resin.

Some more fluffy feet closeups...

If you would like a copy of Prince, I will be pricing him at £45 for an unpainted, unprepped piece (which includes UK postage only). At this point in time, I am having to say no to paintwork commissions on this model, but maybe in the future I can allow this option.

Would you like a Prince Charming in your life? Simply contact me with the following details:

*Address (including country)
*How many Prince models you would like

I will be able to send an invoice accordingly.

Please also note that I can also take deposits or time payments! I am very flexible, if you would like time payments again please let me know- deposits are also non-refundable and are fixed at £20.

I can't wait to see him in white resin! I hope you are all as excited as I am.

All the best,


Saturday, 3 November 2018

More finished pieces

These models were completed since moving into our new home. It is so much easier now that I have my own proper studio space to paint and just let my creativity flow. Up first to show you all is this Breyer Traditional Icelandic that I painted to a livery flaxen dapple chestnut (could also pass off as a silver dapple?).

He was airbrushed initially in acrylics and then finished off in oils. His eyes, nostrils and hooves have been glossed as well.

The next one is the Breyer Fell pony I painted to a very light dappled grey. She also has yellowing on her feathers, mane and tail. She can still pass as a Fell pony in this colour!

I love how elegant this sculpture looks. Unfortunately this one is already spoken for, but if you would like a commission in a similar colour feel free to contact me.

This one is a simple chestnut colour on the Breyer Stablemate Valegro model. The photos do not do this little guy justice at all, he is such a deep rich colour!

And lastly, but only for now... Django!

I absolutely adore how this one turned out, despite me initially wondering if the white markings would ever be worth it! This one is spoken for as well, I can't wait to see him out and about in the show ring!

Ta-ta for now!


Wednesday, 31 October 2018

New pieces!

Here we go I have some newly completed pieces to show you.

First up is this Breyer Andalusian that I airbrushed to a dapple grey but I finished her in oils. I was experimenting with a different medium which I do plan on using for future use. Let me know what you think! This one sold a couple of months back.

This Xavier resin was a commission who I also finished in oils. I am very pleased with this one!

This edition is in theory still open, if you are interested in purchasing a model then feel free to contact me.

I also have this Stablemate warmblood that I resculpted his ears, mane and tail. He now makes the perfect show horse! This one is also sold, I am afraid.

I hope you enjoy!