Saturday, 17 February 2018

Sometimes I use more than just paint...!

You may remember this beautiful boy from a few posts back that I did in August 2017...

It was the owner that commissioned me to paint this model's idea to include the Diamante crystals on his costume. I absolutely adored the idea and I was so excited to put them on when I had finished with my acrylics on him. I didn't want to use them sparingly, but I also didn't want to go overboard and use them in too many places! I think I got the balance perfectly.

However, one catch about this model... You may realise that this model should have come with a set of plumes to place on his head and withers. I am a massive numpty and somehow lost them here in my studio. I thought of all sorts to get them back to her, to emailing Donna Chaney at Animal Artistry, offering to sculpt more and also placing ads on the Model Horse Sales Pages to see if anyone had any spare. But the owner had a better idea.

Why not use REAL feathers, to make them look like real plumes?

I don't know about you, but I reckon this was the greatest idea!


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Xavier in Resin

First of all... A very Happy New Year to everyone!

It has been exceptionally quiet on here for which I can only apologise for. A lot has happened over the past few months, including the purchase of a house, looking for a new yard for my horse Felix as the yard is closing... (and I got engaged...!) and because of the winter months, I have not been able to paint in my studio at all, as it is currently outside. However, when we move this Spring, we will have a dedicated hobby room for all sorts of stuff, including my painting and sculpting area!

Which brings me to show you the castings of Xavier, which came to me a couple of weeks back. I took some photos and here they are. He looks absolutely incredible in resin. He came out way better than I originally thought.

I was thinking I could paint one of my copies up for promotional purposes, but I have a feeling all 15 horses in this batch are all claimed for! I will have to order another 15 at some point as he has proven rather popular. I know there are other, more insanely talented artists out there than me that sell out over 100 copies of their models in one evening, but for me this is still a hug achievement and I really want to thank everyone that has pre-ordered one. 

It isn't too late to pre-order one (although it may take a few weeks before you see your copy as I don't have any left from this batch) simply send £15 through to via paypal (if you could add a note or mark it as a payment for Xavier it would make it easier for me!) and you can have one of these little lovely lads.

If you take a look at my other sculptures on the sculptures page of this website, you can really see where I have improved as well. From musculature and bone, to the flesh and wrinkles, my sculptures have become more alive with each one. I do have a long way to go though, as well as plenty of learning (I discover new muscles on horses every time, as well as techniques with my tools).

 Wrinkles! I actully love this shot. It gives you perspective and how accurate he is not just from the sides, but from every other angle!

And a group shot of the first few I had cleaned. It always has to be done!

And here is a size comparison against a Breyer Stablemate, just to give you all an idea of size. 

Thank you for letting me share. I hope you like him as much as I do. I am so happy with how far I have come with my artwork in this hobby, and I can't wait to continue to learn more and share my journey with you!


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

New!! Xavier the Fjord Gelding!

Let me introduce you to my latest finished sculpture, Xavier!

Xavier is only a few inches tall, he is slightly bigger than stablemate scale but I don't think he is quite Little Bit scale. He could easily pass for other cob-like breeds, though. Can you imagine what he would look like with a free-flowing mane?!

The face needed slightly more sanding when these photos were taken as you can probably tell. But I don't know if you can also tell how much I have improved with my sculpting from my last two models, Bailadito and Hamlet/Horatio. I also have a photo here of Xavier with a Hamlet and a Breyer Stablemate model so you can get an idea of how big he is. 

He also looks good from every angle! You can get a real feel for the power he has in his body. 

 It took me a while to get the near hind correct, all four legs have been mutilated and reattached from the armature itself, as well as his head!

This is because I sculpted him from apoxie sculpt, so the details all hardened as I sculpted him. I found this much easier than using the clay I normally use, as I was incredibly prone to squashing all the details...


If you would like a copy of Xavier, you can send a minimum deposit of £15 to the PayPal email His full price is £36 where this includes UK postage (rest of world postage is £5). I will be sending him off for casting within this month, so he will definitely be in your hands in time for Christmas (Christmas present idea?!)

Aaand one last photo of the chunky pony for your enjoyment!

If you have any questions about him, please feel free to contact me!


Monday, 2 October 2017

This is why I have been so quiet...

Everybody, say hello to Felix!

Felix is an ISH gelding, 8 years old and full of fun. He is a very playful boy and absolutely loves attention. I bought him on 8th August and he was with me in a livery yard on the 10th! Since then his teeth, saddle and back have been checked (the first time I tried to ride him in his new home I was bucked off straight away!) and we found his back was rather week, so I need to work more on his topline.

I bought a pessoa and have been lunging him in this to improve his topline. I have only been doing it for a few weeks though, so am unable to see any major improvement. I would still be riding them, only... I managed to fracture my left ring finger while lunging him just under three weeks ago... Oops! It wasn't his fault it was a bit of a freak accident, he ran off suddenly and for some reason the lunge line was looped or wrapped around funny and... yeah...

Hopefully the fracture won't last long... Although it is a nasty accident... It is a crushed fracture in about three places. I feel so incredibly stupid! But let's hope it heals nicely.

He is a lovely chap and I look forward to spending many more happy times with him!

But I need to address the whole me not being in the studio thing... I am, and I have been painting a little bit, but things in the studio have practically grinded to a halt. I have two commissions here to finish and they are so nearly done, but time off work is another struggle I face. I am going on holiday this coming Sunday for a few days but soon I will be able to finish them, then will take a small break from having any more for a while. I will still take commissions, but I will take on much less at a time I reckon!

Take care,