Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Andalusian Mare and Foal

Both the mare and foal were giving me complete jip when I first started painting them, so I had to leave them for a bit. It wasn't drying properly and was almost scaling, it is hard to explain. When painting does things like this, no matter how badly you want to keep going to get them finished, you just have to stop and put your tools down and try another day. I have had to do this a fair amount recently due to anger, frustration and also anxiety that I have unfortunately been suffering with after some personal incidents a few months ago.

However, this morning they both persevered wonderfully and I am so happy to declare them to be complete! I simply love the mare, her expression is so gentle and kind. I love her in this colour too.

I painted her to a dapple buckskin, and she has a small star on her face. I don't have many photos I am afraid, and I can only apologise! Both her and her foal make a great pair as well.

The foal doesn't have any dapples, I didn't want them to be exactly the same colour and I don't tend to see many foals with dapples in their coat either! He has a star, stripe and a little snip on his face.

I reckon these two will do rather well in the show ring. Just to get to some shows, now!


Monday, 20 March 2017

Breyer Wyatt

Unfortunately, yet again, I cannot seem to take good photos! I was going to paint him a completely different colour when I suddenly thought dapple grey would look good on him. Then, I went a bit crazy with some sabino markings!

Although the photos are not the best, I hope you can appreciate that he has some wonderful shading and his dapples are extended to all over the body, whereas in the photos it looks like he is pure white... They are just washed out slightly.

I also couldn't resist in giving him some lovely wall eyes and a big white face. I really like him in this colour! I do have another Wyatt somewhere to paint too, but I think he is still at my parent's house...


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Finished Commission

I had this commission in progress before I moved house and he is finally done, I have just sent approval photos to his owner and I hope they like him. The whites aren't as smooth as I'd hope they would be but it doesn't distract from how pretty he is.

I do like the purple backdrop but it is washing a lot of the white out - his mane is actually more shaded along with his tail and he does have nose pinking. I think I need to buy another backdrop to showcase the lighter horses on!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Two Valegro Customs

The first one I am going to show you has a different tail, that I nicked from a Breyer Pepto because I have different plans for that model... I suddenly thought the quarter horse's tail would look quite nice, dynamic and different on the pirouetting horse!

I am disappointed with the photos... They aren't very good and I do apologise. I am currently not using my laptop as the charger went missing in the move, so I am unable to adjust the lighting and colour to emphasize them. Oh well! I hope these photos do anyway.

I painted the horse's shoes on with a silver pen that I use to sign the models with as well. It is good to use as it means I don't need to necessarily own a silver coloured paint itself either! 

The second custom is a simple repaint to a very well shaded dapple grey. Unfortunately, these photos are also just rubbish... I will need to get some better ones soon. He has dapples all over but these photos do no justice whatsoever.

At this point in time the bay tobiano model isn't for sale but the dapple grey is. I am looking for £70 for him and that includes UK postage. If you are interested in him, please get in touch!

Have a great weekend!