Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bronte Resin Makeover!

This resin was a commission from someone for me to complete for them. I find this resin so small and cute and I was very pleased to have been given this opportunity to paint one. They also wanted it haired and I just love to hair model horses, it makes them more unique in my eyes and the possibilities are endless. I have a soft spot for haired model horses and I especially love it when I hair the mini resins!

I completed this mini Welsh resin last year as a commission and he has won loads of his classes:

The Bronte resin arrived to me with plaits on her mane and half a dock sculpted on. I sculpted the rest of the dock there just to give the tail shape for when I added the mohair, and took off the plaits on the mane. I then sanded her down and put some primer on. She was quite smooth already with a lot of prep work done so the rest for me was minimal!

After the prepping I painted her colour to a dappled chestnut. This is the first time I have put dapples on a true stablemate scaled horse with my airbrush so I was pretty pleased with the way it all turned out!

I then added a star and sock to the hind leg like the customer wanted. After the details, sealing and glossing, I then put the mohair on!! The customer gave me some lovely coloured mohair for me to use and so I put it on the resin and then she was done!

I am very pleased with her and so is her owner!

I wish her luck in the 2012 showring...


Monday, 19 December 2011

Madoc from Start to Finish

I finished my Madoc resin!! This is his story on how he came to be...

He came to me good as new, but as soon as I could I dremelled off his mane, and made him a bald pony!!

I sanded it down a bit after the dremelling as it was rough afterwards. I then sculpted on the mane with my apoxie sculpt, as well as filling in some gaps that were left over after the mane was taken off. The mane was really fun to sculpt, I love fjord ponies and it was relatively easy to do.

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos, but after this I sanded it down a little and primered over the resin in grey primer. This helped me to see where else needed sanding, and it turned out that I hadn't sanded enough! I had to sand down and smooth out the apoxie sculpt that I placed on the neck, and then once this was done I primered again. That was the last time I primered and afterwards I painted him straight!

The base took a while to paint, it just wouldn't dry!! I went for a lush green colour as it looks like the pony is trotting along some beautiful spring grass... Here is the finished Madoc, who I have now names Widget:

Isn't he the cutest little pony?!

I did a little snowy set up for the pony so he looks like he is having a lovely run about in the snow, almost as if he has picked up a mare's scent!! For the background, I just found a snowy picture on my laptop and then just put the rest of the set up on my keyboard, it worked pretty well:

I hope you enjoyed that little journey!


Friday, 2 December 2011

The Beginnings of a New Horse...

I said in a couple of my earlier blog posts that I was to start a new and exciting project! Although not much has been done yet, I thought hat now was the time that I could start sharing some news...

A couple of years ago, I had some spare sculpey and started to create a stablemate scaled Andalusian sculpture, performing the Spanish walk. He ended up looking quite good despite what a pain sculpey can be! I ended up baking him (perhaps slightly too early) and then sanded and fiddled around with him some more... Ears kept crumbling and before I knew it I was adding bits to him with my Apoxie sculpt!

I put him to the side and left him. I then completed my A levels and everything. It has only been recent that I had decided that I want to complete my idea properly, as he was looking really good and I had a fair bit of interest!! So I asked a wonderful sculptor in the UK Kelly Savage for some tips on what to get and she helped enormously. So I made an online order and my stuff came through!!

I bought the medium stuff because I have heard that the soft is just too soft, but didn't want to go for hard incase it was too difficult to work with (everything is down to artist's preference!) so I went for the one in the middle. I then roughly drew out what I want to achieve (the drawing took five minutes, not 100% accurate at all but this drawing is the height that I want to try and make my sculpture to be!)

I have a whole bunch of different reference photos, from skeletal structures of the equine through to different Andalusian headshots and profiles.

I need to have access to wire cutters (which will be this weekend!) and I was simply itching to sculpt something! So I took a bit of the clay from the corner and just started working on the head... When it comes to getting the full armature made, I can clay it up and then just chuck the head on!

This was after about an hours work, the head is still really bulky and not much detail is there... The photos make it look really rough but the clay is smoother in real life! Very strange...

The ears were just placed on for character. As for the eyes, they have now gone. I am going to try and put some small beads in their place thanks to fellow hobbyists for the tip, and so currently right now the head is like the one below. Again, it looks really rough but it a lot smoother than the first lot of photos too. The nostrils and mouth are a more natural shape and the head is less bulky. I need to of course work on the jaw and muscles grouped there, but that will all come in good time... For now, I am just happy that it is head shaped (and looks MILES better than the head I ever sculpted with the sculpey model!)

Again, the ears are just placed on.

This is going to be such a fun and exciting project that I can't wait to get fully underway... If you want to see what happens to this chap, I suggest you follow my blog to see!!