Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bronte Resin Makeover!

This resin was a commission from someone for me to complete for them. I find this resin so small and cute and I was very pleased to have been given this opportunity to paint one. They also wanted it haired and I just love to hair model horses, it makes them more unique in my eyes and the possibilities are endless. I have a soft spot for haired model horses and I especially love it when I hair the mini resins!

I completed this mini Welsh resin last year as a commission and he has won loads of his classes:

The Bronte resin arrived to me with plaits on her mane and half a dock sculpted on. I sculpted the rest of the dock there just to give the tail shape for when I added the mohair, and took off the plaits on the mane. I then sanded her down and put some primer on. She was quite smooth already with a lot of prep work done so the rest for me was minimal!

After the prepping I painted her colour to a dappled chestnut. This is the first time I have put dapples on a true stablemate scaled horse with my airbrush so I was pretty pleased with the way it all turned out!

I then added a star and sock to the hind leg like the customer wanted. After the details, sealing and glossing, I then put the mohair on!! The customer gave me some lovely coloured mohair for me to use and so I put it on the resin and then she was done!

I am very pleased with her and so is her owner!

I wish her luck in the 2012 showring...



  1. That resin Welsh is just lovely! What resin is he?

  2. You must be amazingly good at fiddly stuff to hair a Stablemate... o.o
    She looks really nice!

  3. I am not actually sure what the exact resin that welsh is but I will try and find out for you!

    And thanks about the hairing compliment, the first stablemate I actually (badly) haired was a stablemate!!