Friday, 28 December 2012

CollectA Quarter Horse CM

I just finished this one today, he has been in progress since the summer time and I decided to just do his details and call him done. I shall show in in the New Year and see how he does!

I have also made a start on my Inferno medallion by Kelly Sealey. I can't wait to finish this one, I am going for colours that seem to be rather contrasting to the horse's nature.


Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and a very exciting New Year. Thank you to everyone for your constant support throughout, it is so greatly appreciated and I look forward to sharing more exciting things with you in 2013!


Friday, 21 December 2012

Olympia 2012

I went to Olympia, the London International Horse Show, for the first time in two years and it was brilliant. I have really missed going! Unfortunately I didn't go and do any shopping but it was probably a good thing. I was also mainly there for the horses too, and there isn't anything I really need shopping.

There was the Mistletoe Stakes at first, followed by the dog agility,

then Jean Francois and the Shetland Pony Grand National.

After the interval, it was then the Puissance. We left soon after that though so my mum and I could rush home for the night!

Most of the Brisith Olympians were there and it was great seeing familiar faces in the arena! Once name I don't think I had heard of before though was a rider called Laura Renwick, who came second in the Stakes and the Puissance when she was up against Ben Maher.

Ben eventually won the Puissance round, leaping at 2 metres 15! Unfortunately, however, he just touched it and the wall came tumbling down.

What I loved the most though was probably the Barcelona Mounted Police. It felt really heart warming as, because I used to live there, I felt a connection of some sort!

They were all riding stunning andalusian stallions and they were so inspiring!

Their lovely display reminded me of why I love the Iberian breed so much. I can't wait until I visit the wonderful city again in January.


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Round Tuit

My mum has a plate that we rediscovered in our Kitchen from our move back to the UK from Barcelona that is entitled 'A Round Tuit'. It is a funny joke about how you can never get around to doing things and it gives us all a laugh!

Last night, I completed this custom on the Breyer Ariat model. He is classic scale and after giving him a resculpted mane and painting him to a chestnut, I was thinking that he would really perhaps suit being shown as a thoroughbred instead of a Quarter Horse. Either way, I thought the name 'A Round Tuit' suited him perfectly, although perhaps more in the British horse racing world. So let me introduce you to him!

His face is so charming and it holds such honesty!

I also gave him a bundle of dapples. I actually painted his dapples and last coat alongside my Ruffian custom, Kayleigh. It just turned out that I was more inspired by her at the time and so she was finished first.

I will be showing him once or twice this year where after that he will be placed up for sale.


Friday, 14 December 2012

Dreamer Medallion Complete

I finished the medallion I was working on today. Becky of Soltice Art Studio did a lovely job with this piece and I hope I have done it justice!

I am currently taking a break from decorating our Christmas tree, which just arrived this morning. This is the first time in three years where we are back in our village home and celebrating Christmas here. I am so excited!


Thursday, 13 December 2012


I purchased the beautiful Obrigado resin by Eberl a couple of weeks ago, and I must admit with a load of coursework deadlines and work at university, along with my driving test that had come up (and I passed! Second time lucky!) and returning home for Christmas, I had completely forgotten about my long awaited stallion. So when I picked the parcel up I was surprised at its size but just thought it was some models I had won on eBay recently (another few reasons why I had forgotten about him!) but when I saw where the parcel had come from, I squealed and leapt for joy! Obrigado is now home!

I am so pleased that I have him and I am also slightly shocked that I forgot about his grand arrival. I am so excited to paint him but I am afraid to say that he is to refrain naked for a while whilst I finish my resins-to-be Hamlet and Baliadito.

They both just need some extra fine details and prepping in general and then they will both be done. I keep saying this!!

I have lots of other things coming up in the studio and as I mentioned earlier, some customs as I have bought some models on eBay to paint this winter. So stay tuned!


Monday, 10 December 2012

Painting Again

It feels good to return to the studio (well... home!) for Christmas, where I can finally paint again. This Dreamer medallion I recently acquired by Becky Turner I started first for just half an hour or so, I have been debating colours and dapple grey won in the end. I haven't finished the colour entirely and the background and other details are still to be done, but I had to share this photo so far.
I shall finish him off as soon as possible. I am thinking wacky greens and purples for the background!


Saturday, 8 December 2012

New Background

I recently won a background from Westwood Memorial Stables on eBay and I love it! It is just a fraction larger than A2 size and I will be trying it out on my traditional horses soon, but for now I tried it out with my little Union Jack resin sculpted by Kelly Savage, who is shown as an Australian Stock Horse and goes by the name Joey. I am pleased with how the photos came out, although the glare on the background from the lighting can be rather frustrating! But once the lighting was sorted the photos turned out great and I had a great deal of fun!
This has to be my favourite shot! So life like!
I have also recently ordered a bunch of supplies including sanding pads and paint, and so when I return home for Christmas (on Monday!) I will be plugging away on commissions, painting and sculpting too. I cannot wait!

I hope everyone is enjoying their run up to Christmas!


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Progress on the Sculpting bench

Bailadito has had no progress whatsoever, so he doesn't really deserve a mention in this blog post at all. He is progressing at a walking pace.

Hamlet, however, is trotting along quite nicely, although there are still lots of things to do with him.

On his offside, he needs an eye, a nose...

He also needs general sanding and filling here and there.

His hooves are also a bit of a mess.

One sculpture that is finished though, is a tile medallion for my series. He is known as Fuego and is a fiery andalusian stallion who has had less grumpy days!

Another medallion for this series has been started on, but is a long way from completion. Meet April and May... Hopefully they will be complete by the time those months come around!


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ruffian CM in progress

I bought a Ruffian body off a lady in the UK that had a Peter Stone Arabian head. When I saw her for sale, I immediately had to have her; there was so much potential for this body!

I was debating between mohair and sculpted hair but went for sculpted hair in the end. I got some aluminium foil and secured it in place on the model and it looked quite funky! it also gave me a brief insight as to what the horse would look like with the mane and tail...

I began sculpting the mane in sections both above and below the foil so it looked windswept. I am thinking a bright dappled bay for her colour now, she looks so honest and happy with her face too!

As you have probably realised, though... This mare doesn't have a base! I was considering making my own briefly but in the meantime I put up wanted ads for one as it would make my life a great deal easier. I was in luck, as someone else in the UK had one and she let me have it! So a thanks goes out to Cristina, my mare can now stand and I can continue sculpting her mane and tail, then prepwork and she will be ready for paint.

Hopefully I will have her finished over the Christmas period, but I need to get my mini sculptures finished along with some commissions...


Sunday, 18 November 2012

The final stretch!

I haven't mentioned much about my mini resins in progress, and so this blog post is a massive explanation!

Back in the summer, I sent Kelly Sealey in the UK Bailadito, my andalusian miniature sculpture in progress. I couldn't work on him in the clay form any more and so I needed a resin cast so I could finish him off in apoxie. Then, in September, I started Hamlet, my cob gelding sculpture. About a month or so ago, I then sent him to Kelly as well so he and Bailadito could be mould brothers! I received them last week from Kelly and I am very happy with them, and I can get them finished and produced in resin.

However, it wasn't all good news... Unfortunately at Kelly's the clay had reacted with the rubber and so they became a sticky, gooey mess. Kelly luckily managed to save the models for me and so I did end up with castings, thank goodness! They have just lost some detail. I was planning on further sculpting on them too so it is no problem at all! This was how they arrived to me. I was so excited to get my mits on them!

I then spent the majority of yesterday evening putting details on them all...

I think Hamlet will be ready first out of the two, for a start he has his feet. Although he was the most badly affected of the two in the moulds, he has always come along much quicker than Bailadito and I even made more progress on him last night!

As soon as he is released, I can then work on Horatio too.

Bailadito cannot stand so excuse my hands in the pictures (but oh, look at my nail varnish, isn't it lovely?!) but he is certainly coming along well too now.

I am pleased with his chest! I find sculpting in apoxie and waiting for it to set so much easier than clay, but clay is a really good starting point for getting the sculpture right initially in terms of proportion. Everyone has different styles for doing things and this is what I admire and enjoy the most about art.

However, these sculptures both had one other thing in common... Their backs were both too short! So guess what came next...

Resin dust! Yep, I had to cut them both in half... Not a pretty sight!

... It had to be done...

So then I sought about sticking them together again... If this was a one off OOAK horse, I would pin it with wire and do the works, however these are going to have casts made from them and so I am not bothering with that. I still need to add more apoxie and sand down everywhere, but for now these are what the two sculptures look like...


I am very pleased with Hamlet especially; after putting the extra bit in his back, he really looks like the references I was using.

Bailadito is also looking better. This sculpture's back was a more subtle problem than Hamlet, but it still needed doing.

Expect to see lots more updates in the coming weeks, I aim to get Hamlet finished off ASAP and then I can work on Bailadito leisurely whilst Hamlet is on holiday with the casters. I can't wait!