Sunday, 29 January 2012

Creation of the Cross Country Set-up PART TWO

This is the second part of three of the creation of my cross country set up, in time for the Southern Roundup show on March 17th 2012. The jump I have managed to paint, using my airbrush and acrylics, and this was the major part of the entry, obviously!

Wee Jay looks good jumping over it, the hole drilled into the jump is a perfect depth and he is really stretching out over the oxer.

And as you can see, the rider fits perfectly into the set too! He is only half painted up here, he needs more layers of colour and then detail on his face, but he is on his way and soon the set will be done. Painting him up and finishing him totally will be in part three of this creation.

For more realism, I added tracks onto the round base, and where the horse takes off and lands. As the day goes by over a cross country course, the mud gets churned up on the tracks and I have tried to replicate this here.

This is without the jump so you can see a bit better!

Next up is the flags! The jumps require the flags to ensure the rider knows which way to jump over the fence, where the red flag is always on the right hand side and the white flag is always on the left. I studied some photos of cross country jumps and the flag posts are white. I have some match sticks for modelling handy and so I set about painting them.

Next, using paper, I cut out the flag bit to go on top. I used white paper, so then I only require red paint for the flag! If you have red paper though it is even better...

Because I chose white paper, I painted one red.

Whilst the red flag was drying, I stuck the white flag together...

Looks good right?! I attached it to the jump with just sticky wax, then it is ‘flat pack’ and it won’t break as I can take it off easily. If I were to stick it on properly it would be difficult to put away!

This photo has both of the flags on, with the whole jump and base now complete!

And complete with horse and half-finished rider...

Looking forward to getting this finished now!! Stay tuned for the third and final part!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Medallion Sneak Peak again!

Just a little photo to share...

Getting there... I added more height to his muzzle area and around his eye, it all blends in a lot more and sfter studying some bone structures, I slightly edited it at the top of his head, so it looks more natural. His eye, however, is still giving me problems! Hopefully I can resolve this soon. I tell you, this has been such a learning curve for me!


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Todd Updated... Thanks Karen!

I recently updated Todd further as Christine of Last Alliance Studios helped me with the neck and cheek structure:

His jaw line was really giving me trouble, but Karen of Bluebird Studio helped me a great deal by this fascinating use of information:

First up, I upped the contrast on your pic so more detail comes through.

I have drawn some lines onto your pony ref' I understand that she is not the type you are going for, but she does have very good definition for structure ref' The lines are where I think you are missing on Todd.

First up, the red cheek. See the tear drop shape at the top, it is actually an angular bone, all horses have it, I have found however the older the horse, the more predominant it is. It is number 27 on this skull.

Second is the bottom pink line. This is the bottom jaw. The jaw bones actually start wide at the cheek and come into a single point under the chin, like a triangle. Therefore, this bone should be tucking in under your chin, not finishing along side

Next is the blue line above that, this is a tendon, it needs tension and firmness, think of it as a cord under the skin. It goes from each side of the chin, back to the cheek.

The second lot of pink lines are the muscles, and jaw pouches. This is the part that will change from horse to horse, in shape and size, and wether the horse has a mouth full of grass.

The next two blue lines are mapping out the nostril cavity, on your boy he is resting, so the definition should only be slight, which I think you have acheived, if you want him snorty, they would of course expand as he drew in scent and air ready to take action.

You can see i have brought the top blue line all the way up to her eye, this is a groove made by the skull and nasal bones on a horses head. You can see on the following image where the soft part would be, and how it merges into the bony parts. The orange is the little sausage that forms the inside of the nostril, I cannot see from your pic' wether you have it there or not. :-)

Last of all is the pink around her eyes, Todd is missing his brow. As well as expressing a fair amount of what a horse is thinking, there is a complicated bone structure going on underneath. Todd also needs his tear bone, the round potrusion behind the eye. #9 on the top skull. A little less indent above the eye, and some more brow.

Once again, my mad keen PS skills! :-)

I hope all that made sense. :-)

Thank you, Karen! It certainly did make sense and I have yet again more updated photos of Todd:

I am even more pleased with his progress and with every new update he is becoming much better. I can see the finish line much more clearly now and I can't wait! This is so very exciting... :-)


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sculpture Update - Photoshop

I have been recently working on my little Andalusian sculpture (who I have also been thinking up names for... Currently thinking about 'Calientito' for him!) and the wonderful UK artist Kelly Savage has been great to talk to for advice and encouragement. Following her recent blog post I decided to give the idea of a photo editing software a go and see for myself how I can notice where my sculpture needs altering...

This is the original photo (again, taken with my phone, so it is really bad!) I had just done the chest here, after more tips from Kelly! I am very pleased with how the chest has gone so far and it feels like another little milestone has been reached!

I took out as much of the background I could initially in order to make the sculpt clearer. I wasn't able to do a very good job as I am using GIMP instead of photoshop here, and I do not have my graphic's tablet handy... But you get the idea.

I then flipped the photo, so you actually see the model in a totally different perspective. This is like the trick I do where I look at my artwork through a mirror to see if it looks ok, this goes for painted models, portraits and this sculpture, only when you flip an image on the computer it is there permanently and you are able to play with the photo experimentally. After some tweaking (but not much, I didn't spend ages because the problems became clear!) I flipped the sculpt back and he looked like this:

It may not be very obvious, but I am aware that the shoulder wasn't big enough and needs to come back slightly, he has a lot on his top line and his croup seems too prominent, as well as his back leg seems to almost be broken!!

So it is still a long way to go... But the fact that I can see the finish line is in sight is a lovely warm feeling!


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Medallion in Progress...

As both a break from revision (and from my other OS of the Andalusian!) I thought I should try my hand at making a medallion, and if all goes according to plan then I aim to have this one cast and released in resin for people to buy.

He already has a name, its Todd! And as for breed he is really generic, which is nice as people can decide and it also means that he can be any colour and a breed can be easily assigned. He has typical pony features and because it is just the headstudy, it makes it less strict on what his breed could be.

Please excuse the photos in this post though, unfortunately I am unable to download photos off of my SLR camera at this point in time and so this means that I have been having to use my phone's camera! It is 5 megapixels though so it is ok... This is Todd after just a couple of hours, where I developed the head's shape and put some structural features in place.

I did a bit more work on him today, such as I flipped his ear back (he looks better grumpy!) and put the eye on properly (although still not 100% happy with it... Would love some tips on sculpting eyes!) and just a bit more detail. I am very happy with his fast progress though, for a grumpy pony he is definitely behaving!

I can't wait to progress on him more and share more photos! But right now I have to do some non-horsey work... Oh well! Until next time. :)


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Updated Customs in Progress...

Before I go back to university I thought I should share some photos of the customs I have in progress, some are commissions and some are just for my own leisure.

First up if this AA Welsh resin from Animal Artistry. I got this resin through a trade to keep and I am painting him to a palomino. He is more golden than these photos show unfortunately, I would have taken them with my SLR camera but it's battery is exhausted!

And meet Fugly again! This horse was also in the trade with the welsh resin. I thought his neck was too short but it actually isn't, it is just that in this photo the head is looking slightly to the right and away from the camera. I have also altered the neck in places so it looks a lot better, although muscling still needs to be added. As far as I am concerned at the moment, however, is to get the shape right.

I am nearly there, although this time round I noticed with fresh eyes that his neck didn't join the shoulder right, and so I hacked into the horse and chopped a chunk off!

I also carved his ears out this time, finally!!

These two are commissions for someone, just sharing pictures here of their progress and I hope they are happy with them so far:

And the other one:

Back to university now, I can't wait until the Easter Holidays where I can return and work on them some more!


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!

And with the New Year, I present to you a newly laid out website! It is the same link, but I really did it up last night...

I even have a couple of medallion ideas in mind which I shall do soon, hopefully they will go to plan.

And I shall leave you with this WIP shot of my Sadie Shoofly resin... :-)