Sunday, 29 January 2012

Creation of the Cross Country Set-up PART TWO

This is the second part of three of the creation of my cross country set up, in time for the Southern Roundup show on March 17th 2012. The jump I have managed to paint, using my airbrush and acrylics, and this was the major part of the entry, obviously!

Wee Jay looks good jumping over it, the hole drilled into the jump is a perfect depth and he is really stretching out over the oxer.

And as you can see, the rider fits perfectly into the set too! He is only half painted up here, he needs more layers of colour and then detail on his face, but he is on his way and soon the set will be done. Painting him up and finishing him totally will be in part three of this creation.

For more realism, I added tracks onto the round base, and where the horse takes off and lands. As the day goes by over a cross country course, the mud gets churned up on the tracks and I have tried to replicate this here.

This is without the jump so you can see a bit better!

Next up is the flags! The jumps require the flags to ensure the rider knows which way to jump over the fence, where the red flag is always on the right hand side and the white flag is always on the left. I studied some photos of cross country jumps and the flag posts are white. I have some match sticks for modelling handy and so I set about painting them.

Next, using paper, I cut out the flag bit to go on top. I used white paper, so then I only require red paint for the flag! If you have red paper though it is even better...

Because I chose white paper, I painted one red.

Whilst the red flag was drying, I stuck the white flag together...

Looks good right?! I attached it to the jump with just sticky wax, then it is ‘flat pack’ and it won’t break as I can take it off easily. If I were to stick it on properly it would be difficult to put away!

This photo has both of the flags on, with the whole jump and base now complete!

And complete with horse and half-finished rider...

Looking forward to getting this finished now!! Stay tuned for the third and final part!



  1. looks great!!!! Your wee jay is making me kick myself I didn't get the one that was for sale over here!!! he looks amazing in the bay!!!

    1. Thanks - and yes you should be kicking yourself!! haha, I love my Wee Jay!