Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sculpture Update - Photoshop

I have been recently working on my little Andalusian sculpture (who I have also been thinking up names for... Currently thinking about 'Calientito' for him!) and the wonderful UK artist Kelly Savage has been great to talk to for advice and encouragement. Following her recent blog post I decided to give the idea of a photo editing software a go and see for myself how I can notice where my sculpture needs altering...

This is the original photo (again, taken with my phone, so it is really bad!) I had just done the chest here, after more tips from Kelly! I am very pleased with how the chest has gone so far and it feels like another little milestone has been reached!

I took out as much of the background I could initially in order to make the sculpt clearer. I wasn't able to do a very good job as I am using GIMP instead of photoshop here, and I do not have my graphic's tablet handy... But you get the idea.

I then flipped the photo, so you actually see the model in a totally different perspective. This is like the trick I do where I look at my artwork through a mirror to see if it looks ok, this goes for painted models, portraits and this sculpture, only when you flip an image on the computer it is there permanently and you are able to play with the photo experimentally. After some tweaking (but not much, I didn't spend ages because the problems became clear!) I flipped the sculpt back and he looked like this:

It may not be very obvious, but I am aware that the shoulder wasn't big enough and needs to come back slightly, he has a lot on his top line and his croup seems too prominent, as well as his back leg seems to almost be broken!!

So it is still a long way to go... But the fact that I can see the finish line is in sight is a lovely warm feeling!



  1. Looking good! I really can't wait to see how he turns out in the end - I think he'd look amazing in a really rich liver chestnut or mulberry grey! :D
    (for future photoshopping though might I suggest photographing him against a plain background? It's waaaaay easier to cut out :P)

  2. Thank you!! And hahaha that is such a good tip, I never thought of it but even so I didn't bother to take good photos of him before I photoshopped, so it is even worse than what it should be I suppose! Thanks for the support though, it means a lot. :D