Sunday, 22 January 2012

Todd Updated... Thanks Karen!

I recently updated Todd further as Christine of Last Alliance Studios helped me with the neck and cheek structure:

His jaw line was really giving me trouble, but Karen of Bluebird Studio helped me a great deal by this fascinating use of information:

First up, I upped the contrast on your pic so more detail comes through.

I have drawn some lines onto your pony ref' I understand that she is not the type you are going for, but she does have very good definition for structure ref' The lines are where I think you are missing on Todd.

First up, the red cheek. See the tear drop shape at the top, it is actually an angular bone, all horses have it, I have found however the older the horse, the more predominant it is. It is number 27 on this skull.

Second is the bottom pink line. This is the bottom jaw. The jaw bones actually start wide at the cheek and come into a single point under the chin, like a triangle. Therefore, this bone should be tucking in under your chin, not finishing along side

Next is the blue line above that, this is a tendon, it needs tension and firmness, think of it as a cord under the skin. It goes from each side of the chin, back to the cheek.

The second lot of pink lines are the muscles, and jaw pouches. This is the part that will change from horse to horse, in shape and size, and wether the horse has a mouth full of grass.

The next two blue lines are mapping out the nostril cavity, on your boy he is resting, so the definition should only be slight, which I think you have acheived, if you want him snorty, they would of course expand as he drew in scent and air ready to take action.

You can see i have brought the top blue line all the way up to her eye, this is a groove made by the skull and nasal bones on a horses head. You can see on the following image where the soft part would be, and how it merges into the bony parts. The orange is the little sausage that forms the inside of the nostril, I cannot see from your pic' wether you have it there or not. :-)

Last of all is the pink around her eyes, Todd is missing his brow. As well as expressing a fair amount of what a horse is thinking, there is a complicated bone structure going on underneath. Todd also needs his tear bone, the round potrusion behind the eye. #9 on the top skull. A little less indent above the eye, and some more brow.

Once again, my mad keen PS skills! :-)

I hope all that made sense. :-)

Thank you, Karen! It certainly did make sense and I have yet again more updated photos of Todd:

I am even more pleased with his progress and with every new update he is becoming much better. I can see the finish line much more clearly now and I can't wait! This is so very exciting... :-)



  1. Thank you very much! I have yet even more updated photos but I will update my blog again in a few days when I have even more to share. :)