Wednesday, 29 February 2012

More Todd Photos

I got more photos of Todd from Deb today, they really make him pop and I felt like I had to share with you!

The colour makes the medallion come to life!

I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone that has ordered a Todd so far too, it means a lot!


Monday, 27 February 2012


yep!! you read right!!

Deb Brown, my guest artist, did a stunning job and I am so thrilled to see the first painted copy of little Todd! He is available to order through my website, please copy and paste the following link into your browser:



Friday, 24 February 2012

Progress with Gallega

Todd is currently still being painted by my guest artist and the moment he is done, the moment he will be released. This will be over the next few days but don't worry I will hopefully make it clear when he is released by blog posts, MH$P posts, forum posts... Even on my facebook probably!

But I have been working on Gallega more during revision and work breaks. Her progress has gone so quick, it took me over twice as long to get to a similar facial structure position with Todd! I found it so much easier this time round and I am developing the eye on what to look for in real horses. I am also getting the hang of sculpting itself with muscling and definition, as well as it is hard because drawing and painting is all on a 2D basis, this is 3D. I am really enjoying this new experience and side to the hobby.

This was her a few days ago, after a couple of hours working on her face:
And this is her currently, after a bit of love and attention to her neck... Thanks to everyone for the critique by the way!
I am still not happy with the neck and chest, but I was expecting this to happen... I tried doing a photoshop edit by rotating the photo (this helps to see what is wrong with the sculpture) and then fixing it and turning it around. I am still practising with this too but this is what I came up with!
I added in a cheeky forelock there too!

So she is making progress... Slowly but surely. No idea when she will be done! But I am still excited about releasing Todd to the public which will be so soon, I can't wait to see him painted up by other artists!!


Monday, 20 February 2012

New Medallion Idea

I am still working on my little Andalusian sculpt but in the mean time I had a new idea for a medallion that I had to get under way and try out. A few years ago I remember seeing a picture of an Iberian horse with the dramatically long mane and tail, and the horse was peeking his head through his curtain of mane and forelock. I wanted to try and recreate something similar, only with a lot less mane but the horse in a similar pose.

Unfortunately no matter how hard I look now, I cannot find the picture I did find that time to base my new medallion idea off. So I had to improvise a little. The horse I saw the photo of was standing and facing the camera, but his head was turned gracefully to the side and his forelock fell over his face. So I found this photo on Google Images:
I saved the image and played about with it on photoshop to try and create the headset I wanted. It was hard as the neck looks odd and possibly broken but it did give me the basis for my new idea.
I printed the photo off to use, and in a red biro I went over details on the photo to familiarise myself with the horse's structure. I also just added on the mane and forelock for what I am going to aim to achieve:
My new sculpture idea already has a name too; Gallega (to be pronounced Gal-yay-ga) seeing as she is going to be of the Spanish type, and an elegant mare peering through her curtain-like mane and forelock in her grace...

Work is getting on top of me at uni right now so I am struggling to find time to work on her, but she is my moment of inspiration in any breaks I have. A couple of days ago she looked like this:
I worked on her for an hour or so today (and feeling guilty for it... I have tests coming up and need to revise!!) and this is how she looks today. I am aware her eye is funny and there are things to fix, by all means let me know of anything blaringly obvious (the neck and chest I haven't worked on yet but they are going to be a BIG problem!). I thought I was doing her eye too big but looking at it now it looks too small... I have put her away again for today and will have a look in a couple of days, my eyes need a break!
It is nice to run two projects in conjunction with one another, when you get stuck with one you can play with the other. My traditional andalusian sculpture is going to take some time... This is him as of now:
He just isn't behaving...


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Todd is Casting!

This is so exciting for me, since last night I have been working on creating lots of Todds, and I have so far created seven with another one currently setting... I will tell you the process of what I did.

First of all I needed to get a mould, and I used silicone rubber for this. I mixed it with the catalyst and poured it over Todd in a spare, old butter dish bowl (this was all I had spare! It was a good size to use though) and I had the bits of card board there to help pull the mould out if needed when it was all set. It turned out I didn't need them!
Afterwards, the rubber was left to set...
I left it overnight and by morning it was ready. It had a very sticky feel to it still though but I think this is because of the type of silicone I used... It wasn't super expensive as I am trying all this out for the first time.
It was funny seeing Todd inverted like this at first. I got the original Todd out, which was heart breaking - he was all in pieces!
And so the first casting began... I mixed the resin but was too relaxed about the time it took for it to fully set, and so it started setting rapidly as I was pouring. So unfortunately, the mould wasn't 100% filled and his muzzle lacked resin.
We had to abandon ship as it just wasn't leaving the pot. But you live and learn!
But when he came out... I was so happy! My first ever casting and I am going to treasure him. He had a massive ear bubble so only two thirds of his ear are there, as well as he had some forelock bubbles, and don't forget that half his muzzle was not there! But still. I was so pleased, because I knew that the mould was successful.
I felt more compelled to do better the second time round... However the second mould was bubble-mania...
It knocked my confidence a bit. The definition was completely gone! I tried for the third time and while the bubble issue had improved, it wasn't much better and another ear bubble had formed. On the fourth casting though, I re-evaluated my technique and tried again... And what a transformation.
And it has only improved from there... :) These are all the casts so far...
So far I have only had those first three castings as the bad one, and I have had many enquiries! He is not actually officially released yet, however... He needs to be painted up by my guest artist and once that happens then he will be open for the public to order!! I can't wait... Clare

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sinclair and the Water Jump

I recently had minor surgery on my toe nail on my right foot, caused by a horse injury (I looked after a horse while I was in Spain, and in March 2010 he stepped on my foot... And leaned on it...) the nail had become ingrown and disgusting and I have only recently been able to get it sorted out! I still have to go back to the podiatrist every other week but we are getting there...

So, to cheer myself up (and because it was my birthday last month!) I saw a beautiful Sinclair resin on MH$P... And then my finger decided to slip... So yay, another jumping horse in my collection to keep my Justin Thyme resin company (after all, he does get very lonely!)

I showed him to a couple of friends and they had brilliant performance ideas, originally I wasn’t planning on showing him in this division as I am not used to it and all of the tack and accessories cost a lot of money, however because I am showing my Wee Jay this year, I thought why not? Unfortunately I recently sold my tack set made by Lauren Islip of Four Corners Tack, but I scoured the MH$P for a cheap set and it is now in my claws. I bought the set with slight damage but it just needs a bit of glue as some of the leather has come loose. Apparently it has won classes and it looks good enough to me, I am sure it will suit my Sinclair nicely.

I was looking up different ideas before I bought the tack set itself, one friend suggested the bareback puissance if I didn’t want to fork out money for a saddle!! This was recently talked about on Braymere’s blog, and I was very inspired!

But then I was studying the resin and it looks like he is really stretching out, and although he is beautiful he would suit a long fence, and not a tall one... Thinking about how I didn’t want to spend more money for an oxer jump to be made, as well as I didn’t want another cross country set up, so I suddenly thought... Why not a Show Jumping water jump?

Neither of these images are mine, by the way. I found them on Google and copyright goes to who took them. The resin I have bought is really stretching out and I think this sort of jump will be perfect!!

I am going to start planning it, I don’t know whether it will be finished for the shows before the summer period as I have to work for my exams in the summer, but this will still be an exciting project for me to get under way, and for me to enter performance.


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Todd is Complete

A picture of Todd for you all, seeing as he is all done now and hopefully next week, if all goes to plan, I can have him cast. Wish me luck!

Now I have to work on my andalusian sculpture again... He is doing ok, I reworked some wires in his backlegs and now am adding detail in once more, soon I will be happy enough to post pictures and ask for critique!

Until then... Watch this space and my website for details on this pony!