Monday, 20 February 2012

New Medallion Idea

I am still working on my little Andalusian sculpt but in the mean time I had a new idea for a medallion that I had to get under way and try out. A few years ago I remember seeing a picture of an Iberian horse with the dramatically long mane and tail, and the horse was peeking his head through his curtain of mane and forelock. I wanted to try and recreate something similar, only with a lot less mane but the horse in a similar pose.

Unfortunately no matter how hard I look now, I cannot find the picture I did find that time to base my new medallion idea off. So I had to improvise a little. The horse I saw the photo of was standing and facing the camera, but his head was turned gracefully to the side and his forelock fell over his face. So I found this photo on Google Images:
I saved the image and played about with it on photoshop to try and create the headset I wanted. It was hard as the neck looks odd and possibly broken but it did give me the basis for my new idea.
I printed the photo off to use, and in a red biro I went over details on the photo to familiarise myself with the horse's structure. I also just added on the mane and forelock for what I am going to aim to achieve:
My new sculpture idea already has a name too; Gallega (to be pronounced Gal-yay-ga) seeing as she is going to be of the Spanish type, and an elegant mare peering through her curtain-like mane and forelock in her grace...

Work is getting on top of me at uni right now so I am struggling to find time to work on her, but she is my moment of inspiration in any breaks I have. A couple of days ago she looked like this:
I worked on her for an hour or so today (and feeling guilty for it... I have tests coming up and need to revise!!) and this is how she looks today. I am aware her eye is funny and there are things to fix, by all means let me know of anything blaringly obvious (the neck and chest I haven't worked on yet but they are going to be a BIG problem!). I thought I was doing her eye too big but looking at it now it looks too small... I have put her away again for today and will have a look in a couple of days, my eyes need a break!
It is nice to run two projects in conjunction with one another, when you get stuck with one you can play with the other. My traditional andalusian sculpture is going to take some time... This is him as of now:
He just isn't behaving...


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