Friday, 24 February 2012

Progress with Gallega

Todd is currently still being painted by my guest artist and the moment he is done, the moment he will be released. This will be over the next few days but don't worry I will hopefully make it clear when he is released by blog posts, MH$P posts, forum posts... Even on my facebook probably!

But I have been working on Gallega more during revision and work breaks. Her progress has gone so quick, it took me over twice as long to get to a similar facial structure position with Todd! I found it so much easier this time round and I am developing the eye on what to look for in real horses. I am also getting the hang of sculpting itself with muscling and definition, as well as it is hard because drawing and painting is all on a 2D basis, this is 3D. I am really enjoying this new experience and side to the hobby.

This was her a few days ago, after a couple of hours working on her face:
And this is her currently, after a bit of love and attention to her neck... Thanks to everyone for the critique by the way!
I am still not happy with the neck and chest, but I was expecting this to happen... I tried doing a photoshop edit by rotating the photo (this helps to see what is wrong with the sculpture) and then fixing it and turning it around. I am still practising with this too but this is what I came up with!
I added in a cheeky forelock there too!

So she is making progress... Slowly but surely. No idea when she will be done! But I am still excited about releasing Todd to the public which will be so soon, I can't wait to see him painted up by other artists!!


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