Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sinclair and the Water Jump

I recently had minor surgery on my toe nail on my right foot, caused by a horse injury (I looked after a horse while I was in Spain, and in March 2010 he stepped on my foot... And leaned on it...) the nail had become ingrown and disgusting and I have only recently been able to get it sorted out! I still have to go back to the podiatrist every other week but we are getting there...

So, to cheer myself up (and because it was my birthday last month!) I saw a beautiful Sinclair resin on MH$P... And then my finger decided to slip... So yay, another jumping horse in my collection to keep my Justin Thyme resin company (after all, he does get very lonely!)

I showed him to a couple of friends and they had brilliant performance ideas, originally I wasn’t planning on showing him in this division as I am not used to it and all of the tack and accessories cost a lot of money, however because I am showing my Wee Jay this year, I thought why not? Unfortunately I recently sold my tack set made by Lauren Islip of Four Corners Tack, but I scoured the MH$P for a cheap set and it is now in my claws. I bought the set with slight damage but it just needs a bit of glue as some of the leather has come loose. Apparently it has won classes and it looks good enough to me, I am sure it will suit my Sinclair nicely.

I was looking up different ideas before I bought the tack set itself, one friend suggested the bareback puissance if I didn’t want to fork out money for a saddle!! This was recently talked about on Braymere’s blog, and I was very inspired!

But then I was studying the resin and it looks like he is really stretching out, and although he is beautiful he would suit a long fence, and not a tall one... Thinking about how I didn’t want to spend more money for an oxer jump to be made, as well as I didn’t want another cross country set up, so I suddenly thought... Why not a Show Jumping water jump?

Neither of these images are mine, by the way. I found them on Google and copyright goes to who took them. The resin I have bought is really stretching out and I think this sort of jump will be perfect!!

I am going to start planning it, I don’t know whether it will be finished for the shows before the summer period as I have to work for my exams in the summer, but this will still be an exciting project for me to get under way, and for me to enter performance.


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