Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Art of Anatomy

I recently acquired a horse anatomy book to help me learn more about the horses' movement and muscle structure, with what goes on beneath their skin. This will really help me develop as a sculpting artist in order to get the conformation of the animal right! The book came last week and was recommended to me by some hobbyists, How your Horse moved by Gillian Higgins.
Even if you don't want to sculpt I would still recommend this book as the pictures in it are wonderful, the horses in the book have their bone structure painted onto them and they are doing different things from walking to going over jumps. It really makes you think about all the bones that piece this animal together and how they work, it is all very fascinating to me.
My Andalusian sculpture has been feeling unloved at this point in time and he needed some attention, so today in my spare time I printed off two photos of him and I decided to draw the bone structures on top of the images, to see where I am accurate and to identify areas that need improving. It turns out that the side that I am most familiar with when it comes to drawing horses is the better side! This is the main reason I decided to sculpt Gallega, the Andalusian medallion; I used to find it almost impossible to draw horses that were facing to the right, but now my techniques and artistic style has improved such that I am able to, and Gallega is turning out well!

This is the first image I drew over:
Doing this has really compelled me to wanting to get him finished as he looks so noble and elegant in this drawing! This is the other side, where the hind leg was giving me trouble. I have studied the bone structure now and with the help of my new acquisition I should find sculpting this side a log more easier than before.
Sometimes the changes do not look all that big, but these changes make all the difference in a sculpture. I really want to get my sculpture side to the hobby off the ground and I think I am slowly getting there, Todd is going ok and people seem to like him and I am receiving some positive words about my second medallion in the making, so I am pleased so far. I better get cracking on finishing this guy then!!



  1. Very cool! I shall have to acquire this book as well!

    1. Thanks! I definitely recommend it no matter what, the pictures are awesome!