Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Gallega Update

It feels like, after a long time, Gallega is finally speaking to me. after being advised on her neck, I took a huge chunk off and she is finally looking like a proper medallion, and not so far from the finish line. At first I was pleased with the sculpting I had done onher face but it just didn't seem to match with the rest of the body.Since my last post I have fixed her eye and the bridge of her nose, and the ear has been sorted out. I then focused on her mane to get it nice and wavy, and much more detailed. She looked like this a few days ago:
Then I dared to take off the bottom corner of her mane. Her neck has always been too long and whilst I have been taking bits off at a time to shorten it, it wasn't enough and just didn't look natural. So I was brave and sliced off the corner. It has already made such a difference:
Here is a close up of her mane:
I am getting excited now, her journey is soon over as I continue to learn from this lovely lady!

And a random note, I have finally created a Facebook page for my studio website. This can be found by clicking here. I will be adding more photos to it over time but if you are a social networker then feel free to like my page.



  1. She's coming along beautifully. That slice off her neck really helped to balance the whole medallion.

    1. Thank you. :D I can't wait to get her done now!