Saturday, 3 March 2012

Learning Curve

This is what I love the most about the new side of the hobby I am investigating; the mistakes I am making are worth while in making sure I eventually get it right. It can be frustrating, but the results become worth the blood and sweat I put into perfecting new skills that I am developing.

Gallega has had a massive change, after people have given me advice that her previous position was not suitable for a medallion due to the relief and the fact that in real life her head would be very far forward, I changed her completely and she is now just a normal head and neck like Todd.
I need to perfect everything though and as always I am open to any forms of constructive criticism. I am happy that she is looking a lot better now and I can only go forward from here... Hopefully!

I have also been learning a lot with my andalusian sculpture. I have been advised to buy an anatomy book so need to do that, and so for now he is to be placed back on the shelf until I get a book in hand and I can study how the bones and muscles move in the equine. This is him so far, his face and shoulders reworked yet again and his hindquarters still blocked in.
And his other side...
Its the learning curves that I am witnessing now that make us better at what we do.


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