Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Preparation for the Southern Roundup

Well, time has flown, and this Saturday is the Southern Roundup show! I am excited although I have very few entries for the show in comparison to other people, but that doesn't matter. I am more looking forward to seeing everyone again and their horses!This year is my first year that I will be properly entering performance, I have entered performance once but this was with an arabian costume and I literally plonked my model on the table with his tack. This time I am really trying and have two set ups!

The first entry is a micro mini set up (yep... You read correctly!) with my reiner doing a sliding stop. I briefly set it up the other day so that I know what I need to do on the day. This picture has lots of flaws I am aware of! I will take pictures of the set up when it is out in the ring on the day.
Apart from that major saddle slippage, it looks good in that photo! This is the set up itself:
And I finally finished painting the rider up for my Wee Jay cross country entry. He isn't the best but I have been running out of time... I think he is sufficient!
The overall set up isn't the best and there are people that have been doing this for years with amazing dioramas, but for a first go I think it is ok. Again, these photos were just a run through of what I need to put together for the show on the day and so there are faults but it is just to get the general idea.
Wish me luck on the day!! I will also be bringing some Todds along to sell... I am looking forward to my first show of 2012!


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