Sunday, 18 March 2012

Southern Roundup Live

This was my first live show of the year, and it was a great start! The hall was only an hour or so away and so it was less time rushing around in the morning (and I could sleep longer!). We arrived in good time at the hall for me to unpack my models and get my performance entries set up... That was a nightmare! I realised why doing performance wasn't necessarily my forte.

The performance was first and I placed my cross country entry onto the table and waited by chatting to the others. I was so pleased when it had been judged and I had this little certificate next to my entry!!
All of the blood, sweat and tears was worth it! Wee Jay got extra carrots for that.

I also had my little western set up, I suddenly realised I could enter him in the Western ridden class so I chucked him in it (not literally, don't worry!) and that was also worth the while...
And he did the same in the western performance too! I am surprised they could see much on him. I jokily brought a magnifying glass with me just in case!!
Wasn't he a good boy! He later got a 6th placing in the halter class which is good seeing as there were some other lovely entries. The day continued and I got loads of placings, I think only one horse didn't place in the end. I didn't have many horses with me though, next time I plan on bringing loads! So the European Extravaganza better watch out...

For the lunch break, there were two fun classes, one for St. Patricks day and the other was the best painted medallion. I entered Todd of course in the medallion class. Meanwhile, my friend Cat of Chestnut Ridge set up the most amazing St. Patricks day scene with her julips and even had a soundtrack!
In the medallion class, there was one other entry, this beautiful one:
But the judge couldn't decide on the winner for the medallion class, and so she gave us both a first place certificate and said we can get a free entry into her next show! I am just so happy, thank you so much to Yvonne!
I was so pleased. I also donated a Todd to the raffle who went home with someone and sold another, so he is doing well for a first sculpture. I just need to finish Gallega who is nearing her completion and then finish the Andalusian! I got an anatomy book finally so I will be able to finish him well...

The show continued and we finished really early, shortly after 2pm! It was very well run and it was relaxed at the same time, I look forward to the next one and I shall bombard the table with more horses, I make that a promise!



  1. Congratulations! It was fun to "watch" you work on the performance entries, and you definitely earned those great placings.