Sunday, 29 April 2012

Gallega is officially released!

I am so pleased to announce Gallega's official release! She can be purchased through her webpage. I have spent the morning thus far casting her and she looks so much better in the resin than in clay, I think this is because the clay begins to pick up dirt and greases the more you work on it, and so it doesn't start to look as nice. But the castings are coming out great! The ear is driving me a bit potty but it always will!

I took this photo when I took her out the mould this morning.
She broke between her head and neck, and her face and muzzle. Todd broke when I was casting him, but not too badly. At this point I was thinking to myself 'if all goes horrible wrong, I can *just* about salvage her!' This was the mould.
I just love how the mould is always the reverse, it is so fascinating. I checked the mould over and all seemed fine, although at the top it looks as if it hadn't cured overnight properly... But it was only cheap stuff to see how I would start out, and it is good enough for me to produce castings from. The first casting:
The first casting for me is always grubby and not that nice. This one was also when I realised that yes, I need to take care of the ear... For there was a massive air bubble there. This first casting I will not sell as it isn't nice enough, but it is enough to give the mould a 'test run' to make sure it is all ok, and to get any mucky bits out as they seem to attach to the resin! But all the other casts have come out fine since. Some of them I need to rebuild the ears slightly but they are nothing major.
This is a photo of the fifth casting... Lookin' good!
Can't wait to see this one painted up!


Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Micro Minis... So far!

A lot of people know that I am slightly obsessed with my micro minis and I bring them to every live show I attend. I recently finished one up for my collection, and after unpacking from the European Extravaganza Live I thought I would share some photos of my micro collection to date!
They take up most of their shelf! I have 11 micros completed total, but the last one is not in these photos...
This is the one that is hiding... This is Tanokita, who is on the shelf above and is frolicking on a base I made.
He is a portrait of a horse I used to ride. I actually have three portrait horses in my micro mini collection, I will make a separate blog post about that one day! although one horse I don't have photos for...

But if you are in doubt as to whether you should get some of these guys, do it! They are so much fun!


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Gallega Finished

She is definitely finished now, I am going to order the resin for her later today and hopefully I will begin casting her at the weekend. Woo hoo! She will be the same price as Todd and I am also going to do a deal where if you buy Todd and Gallega together it will be £20 not inc. p&p, which is £4 off. Pictures:
And a close-up of her head:
Instead of waiting and paying for a guest artist, I am just going to release her straight away... But I hope to see painted copies in the near future!


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bodies to Fix Up

Thought I would show you some bodies that I have bought recently that I have plans for... I am exited for them! First up if my Eberl Sophie resin, who is so beautiful and real. I aim on giving her a mohair mane and tail and I am thinking of a bright bay tobiano of some sort. She should be for my personal collection when she is done:
This one I bought recently... Nothing too special is going to happen with this one, but I do like the action it has. I really dislike how far the eyes are up the head and I plan on grinding it all back and sculpting from scratch, which will be another learning experience. Lots of lumps and bumps need getting rid of and he will probably have the mohair treatment too. At this point in time though, he has no colour, so any suggestions would be appreciated!
He will also probably be one of the first victims for my heat gun... Yes, I have acquired a heat gun!! I can't wait to use it... Going to be a challenge though!

I have this Goffert body too which I plan on just making him into a more regal looking chap, going to straighten the front leg and change his head set... Again, probably a mohair mane and tail but I don't know yet!
And last but not least is HA's Centeno resin. I didn't actually buy this one, it is a commission and we decided as a rich dark bay for a colour. He has a couple of bad seams and a strange air bubble but it should be no problem, I look forward to getting started on him, but it won't be until the summer months for all of these horses...
Can't wait to get started on them...


Sunday, 22 April 2012

European Extravaganza Live 2012

This was my most successful show to date. It was also one of the closest! It took only 40 minutes to drive to where it was being held and I set up all my models quickly on a table that was shared with Liz of Equine Inspirations. In total there were 22 people showing! It was also the biggest show I have attended in terms of entrants. Performance was first as usual and my Wee Jay resin Fudge with his cross country tack and set up came 5th in the massive class that was combined with showjumping, which I am pleased with. There were some truly stunning set ups!

Then the three rings occupied the Original Finish, Custom and then the non-bendy CTF horses (to include Schleich etc.) I only have one OF in my entire collection, a Schleich Knabstrupp who goes by the name of Wilbert. I was very lucky with Wilbert as he arrived to me flawless, although he did have toe teensiest of ear tip rubs on the day that I touched up really well. This meant he placed first in his class and he even went on to win the section champion!
I was so pleased and so he is definitely coming out with me again! My customs were also doing very well and at the same point in time my pewter micro mini andalusian Galeno had come first in his class and entered the section championship. He walked away with a reserve champion rosette which I was thrilled with, especially with him being so tiny!
I was more happy with Galeno's achievement as he is a custom painted by me, and he was painted back in 2009 at that!

The day progressed to the combined classes of Haflingers and Fjords and other European ponies, where I entered my Schleich custom as a fjord, who goes by the name of Teddy. There were lots of wonderful horses in his class and I was very pleased when his 1st place rosette appeared next to him! He then also claimed the section champion!! At this point in time I had had him up for sale and no one bought him... Quite ironic!
Soon the custom classes were over and the ring became available to start the resin classes. Eventually the other two rings finished too and resin classes were being run simultaneously to save time. My Wee Jay was put in his large class of Hanoverians and other German Warmbloods and came out on top with a 1st placing, the best he has done at a show so far. He then went into the section championship where I thought he wouldn't place because there were some seriously stunning models in the ring. But I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw what he had achieved...
I was so happy! You must also realise that, until this very show yesterday, I had NEVER (I repeat, NEVER) in my live showing career since 2007, had a model place in any championship. So you must see how ecstatic I was by this point.

Straight afterwards, too, my Vincenzo entered the ring and came 1st along with being the champion of his section! Again, the best this horse has ever done!
Both my Wee Jay Fudge and my Vincenzo Be My Valentine were eligible for the overall resin championship. I was certainly not expecting anything from this class, I have never gone this far before in a championship. But when I saw what was placed next to Fudge...
The Reserve Supreme Champion was the cherry to the icing of my cake. I could not be happier with my results from the day and it was so lovely to meet new people and see old faces again. I hope I do as well in my next show, Leicestershire's mini's only on 9th June...


Friday, 13 April 2012

Studio Update!

Since being back at home, I have been in my studio every day working. I go in there during my revision breaks, I have exams in May so I should be working on my degree too! But it is nice to go downstairs and busy myself with painting. I have lots of photos to share with you, the first one being this Todd medallion I finished painting as a commission for a client.
He is really fun to paint! I have another which is a commission, and one that is in progress to a leopard spot appaloosa... No photos of those ones as of yet though, one hasn't been started and the other doesn't look too good right now! I also have a resin model commission which I need to keep painting, although my airbrush decided to go on strike a bit today so I shall try some more tomorrow. It is on its last legs though really, I should upgrade it.

I still have a Sinclair resin and Animal Artistry's Sabiha resin that are in their prepping stages, though. Sinclair is further along than Sabiha and I may be able to start painting him by Sunday. I want to wait until his mohair is safe with me so I can make sure his body colour is the same, it is in the post right now so it won't hurt to wait a few says. I am also not bothered about finishing him in time for the live show (European Extravaganza) on Saturday, as if not I shall bring back others in his place!
And Sabiha is here, with her first thin coat of primer... Still needs areas filling and sanding down, but she is a beautiful sculpture so I am going to take all the time I need. Besides, she isn't a European breed, so doesn't need to be rushed for next week. Wow, I just realised the show is NEXT WEEK!
Well, I need to go and work some more on the non-horsey stuff now... Uni revision! *groan*


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sadie Shoofly Done

I finished her at long last, my beautiful Sadie Shoofly sculpted by the ever talented Lynn Fraley. This resin is so beautiful and the detail I just can't describe. This horse can breathe in your hands UNPAINTED, the detail is that good. I feel so privileged to own one of these beautiful sculptures. I hope I have done her enough justice with my paintwork, which I have to say I am very pleased with, especially the hairing on her body!

But pictures speak louder than words... Enjoy. :-)
Such a beautiful resin...
Thanks for letting me share!


Monday, 9 April 2012

UH Workshop Wins

Utterly Horses (UK) had a Live Show Workshop on 31st March this year. I was travelling on this day and I was unable to attend, but I was aware that some horses did that I have painted and that people own... I was ecstatic to see this photo of a custom Wintersong I did:
Photo courtesy of Utterly Horses UK

I also heard back from a customer who bought a mini Majestuoso from me, who also got a 1st place and showed me this photo, giving me permission to use it now.
Good news all round. :-)


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Prepped for Painting...

I have four Todd medallions ready for painting. Two of these are paid for commissions and the other two are for my own leisure. I am planning on doing one as a leopard spot appaloosa (a nice British Spotted Pony!) and the other already has a mane added on to be a fjord pony.
I am looking forward to painting him the most I think, and he can go with my other fjords in the making.
There is a European breeds theme here, definitely... This is because I am attending the European Extravaganza show on the 20th April! I have others that I wish to complete in time for the show but I am unsure if I will get them done. Unfortunately, I have to revise for my summer exams too over this Easter break of mine!