Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bodies to Fix Up

Thought I would show you some bodies that I have bought recently that I have plans for... I am exited for them! First up if my Eberl Sophie resin, who is so beautiful and real. I aim on giving her a mohair mane and tail and I am thinking of a bright bay tobiano of some sort. She should be for my personal collection when she is done:
This one I bought recently... Nothing too special is going to happen with this one, but I do like the action it has. I really dislike how far the eyes are up the head and I plan on grinding it all back and sculpting from scratch, which will be another learning experience. Lots of lumps and bumps need getting rid of and he will probably have the mohair treatment too. At this point in time though, he has no colour, so any suggestions would be appreciated!
He will also probably be one of the first victims for my heat gun... Yes, I have acquired a heat gun!! I can't wait to use it... Going to be a challenge though!

I have this Goffert body too which I plan on just making him into a more regal looking chap, going to straighten the front leg and change his head set... Again, probably a mohair mane and tail but I don't know yet!
And last but not least is HA's Centeno resin. I didn't actually buy this one, it is a commission and we decided as a rich dark bay for a colour. He has a couple of bad seams and a strange air bubble but it should be no problem, I look forward to getting started on him, but it won't be until the summer months for all of these horses...
Can't wait to get started on them...


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