Sunday, 22 April 2012

European Extravaganza Live 2012

This was my most successful show to date. It was also one of the closest! It took only 40 minutes to drive to where it was being held and I set up all my models quickly on a table that was shared with Liz of Equine Inspirations. In total there were 22 people showing! It was also the biggest show I have attended in terms of entrants. Performance was first as usual and my Wee Jay resin Fudge with his cross country tack and set up came 5th in the massive class that was combined with showjumping, which I am pleased with. There were some truly stunning set ups!

Then the three rings occupied the Original Finish, Custom and then the non-bendy CTF horses (to include Schleich etc.) I only have one OF in my entire collection, a Schleich Knabstrupp who goes by the name of Wilbert. I was very lucky with Wilbert as he arrived to me flawless, although he did have toe teensiest of ear tip rubs on the day that I touched up really well. This meant he placed first in his class and he even went on to win the section champion!
I was so pleased and so he is definitely coming out with me again! My customs were also doing very well and at the same point in time my pewter micro mini andalusian Galeno had come first in his class and entered the section championship. He walked away with a reserve champion rosette which I was thrilled with, especially with him being so tiny!
I was more happy with Galeno's achievement as he is a custom painted by me, and he was painted back in 2009 at that!

The day progressed to the combined classes of Haflingers and Fjords and other European ponies, where I entered my Schleich custom as a fjord, who goes by the name of Teddy. There were lots of wonderful horses in his class and I was very pleased when his 1st place rosette appeared next to him! He then also claimed the section champion!! At this point in time I had had him up for sale and no one bought him... Quite ironic!
Soon the custom classes were over and the ring became available to start the resin classes. Eventually the other two rings finished too and resin classes were being run simultaneously to save time. My Wee Jay was put in his large class of Hanoverians and other German Warmbloods and came out on top with a 1st placing, the best he has done at a show so far. He then went into the section championship where I thought he wouldn't place because there were some seriously stunning models in the ring. But I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw what he had achieved...
I was so happy! You must also realise that, until this very show yesterday, I had NEVER (I repeat, NEVER) in my live showing career since 2007, had a model place in any championship. So you must see how ecstatic I was by this point.

Straight afterwards, too, my Vincenzo entered the ring and came 1st along with being the champion of his section! Again, the best this horse has ever done!
Both my Wee Jay Fudge and my Vincenzo Be My Valentine were eligible for the overall resin championship. I was certainly not expecting anything from this class, I have never gone this far before in a championship. But when I saw what was placed next to Fudge...
The Reserve Supreme Champion was the cherry to the icing of my cake. I could not be happier with my results from the day and it was so lovely to meet new people and see old faces again. I hope I do as well in my next show, Leicestershire's mini's only on 9th June...


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