Sunday, 29 April 2012

Gallega is officially released!

I am so pleased to announce Gallega's official release! She can be purchased through her webpage. I have spent the morning thus far casting her and she looks so much better in the resin than in clay, I think this is because the clay begins to pick up dirt and greases the more you work on it, and so it doesn't start to look as nice. But the castings are coming out great! The ear is driving me a bit potty but it always will!

I took this photo when I took her out the mould this morning.
She broke between her head and neck, and her face and muzzle. Todd broke when I was casting him, but not too badly. At this point I was thinking to myself 'if all goes horrible wrong, I can *just* about salvage her!' This was the mould.
I just love how the mould is always the reverse, it is so fascinating. I checked the mould over and all seemed fine, although at the top it looks as if it hadn't cured overnight properly... But it was only cheap stuff to see how I would start out, and it is good enough for me to produce castings from. The first casting:
The first casting for me is always grubby and not that nice. This one was also when I realised that yes, I need to take care of the ear... For there was a massive air bubble there. This first casting I will not sell as it isn't nice enough, but it is enough to give the mould a 'test run' to make sure it is all ok, and to get any mucky bits out as they seem to attach to the resin! But all the other casts have come out fine since. Some of them I need to rebuild the ears slightly but they are nothing major.
This is a photo of the fifth casting... Lookin' good!
Can't wait to see this one painted up!


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