Friday, 13 April 2012

Studio Update!

Since being back at home, I have been in my studio every day working. I go in there during my revision breaks, I have exams in May so I should be working on my degree too! But it is nice to go downstairs and busy myself with painting. I have lots of photos to share with you, the first one being this Todd medallion I finished painting as a commission for a client.
He is really fun to paint! I have another which is a commission, and one that is in progress to a leopard spot appaloosa... No photos of those ones as of yet though, one hasn't been started and the other doesn't look too good right now! I also have a resin model commission which I need to keep painting, although my airbrush decided to go on strike a bit today so I shall try some more tomorrow. It is on its last legs though really, I should upgrade it.

I still have a Sinclair resin and Animal Artistry's Sabiha resin that are in their prepping stages, though. Sinclair is further along than Sabiha and I may be able to start painting him by Sunday. I want to wait until his mohair is safe with me so I can make sure his body colour is the same, it is in the post right now so it won't hurt to wait a few says. I am also not bothered about finishing him in time for the live show (European Extravaganza) on Saturday, as if not I shall bring back others in his place!
And Sabiha is here, with her first thin coat of primer... Still needs areas filling and sanding down, but she is a beautiful sculpture so I am going to take all the time I need. Besides, she isn't a European breed, so doesn't need to be rushed for next week. Wow, I just realised the show is NEXT WEEK!
Well, I need to go and work some more on the non-horsey stuff now... Uni revision! *groan*


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