Thursday, 24 May 2012

Maskol Magic

I had a commission to complete for a customer and they were after a lovely appaloosa horse, which looked almost like a mosaic colour the way his appaloosa colouring was in blocks over his bay body.

I didn’t follow the pattern 100% so it isn’t an official portrait but the horse I painted was very similar to the colour there. In order to get those blocks of white, I used something called Maskol, a purple liquid that binds to the horse and easily peels off once dry. The horse I used was a Breyer Strapless:
I applied the maskol to the areas of the body where I wanted no paint to go, so it would be white:
It looks quite funny having a purple and white horse!
And then I started to paint her bay like normal. I didn’t paint her all over completely because I didn’t have to, I had huge blocks of white and this is a traditional model, so it is a lot bigger. However if you are doing an overo horse or something on a stablemate then you just paint everywhere and then peel off the maskol.
I then began to peel it off... This is the fun and exciting part! Here I am peeling it off the nose:
This is it coming up from the hoof:
As you can see here, it is a lot clearer where the white patches are now! It looks a bit messy and this was my fault when applying the maskol, you are meant to apply it in a thicker layer but because the white patches aren’t going to be 100% white, and I am going to be playing with the edges of the bay and white colour, I don’t mind so much!
Here is the strapless with all of the white now visible:
After some detailing and adding in all the spots, this is now what the Strapless looks like. Unfortunately, she still isn't finished but the owner is pleased with her so far and, when I return back home and to my studio, I plan on completing her as soon as I can. I can only thank all of my customers for their patience at this time!