Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Making of Fox

I made this video and EVENTUALLY it finally uploaded! Yes, that means it is fairly long... I did actually cut it down an awful lot but I hope you will enjoy it anyway!

Click to view the video here!


Heat Gun Victim Stablemates Completed

I had two stablemates that I had used with my heatgun in order to experiment, and I moved their headsets. They were from my 'Stablemate Rescue Series', where I bought a load of stablemate bodies to fix up and make them nice enough for display again (you can read the blog post here). Well, the two in the blog post are complete and I thought I would share a couple of pictures!

I have also more confidence for bending these ponies for next time too, and I have already received a great deal of compliments on them. First up is the drafter, who will have the Suffolk Punch assigned to him as a breed.

The thoroughbred I will be showing as a Hunter.

I look forward to heating up more horses!


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fantastic Mr Fox

This is my latest... I am so pleased he is done. I hate the base though, would love a clear one but I am unsure whether these exist for Sinclair. Anyway, I am going to let the photos do the talking of this guy!

I was scared that the mohair I had for him wasn't the right colour and I was worried I didn't have enough of it - I had bought some more but it was too red, but did manage to put some of it into his mane and tail as coppery highlights.

Very pleased with his outcome. :-)


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fan and Bunny

Sweet Lullaby is now complete and she can be united with her colt. :-)

And the two together...


The Surrogate Mother

This mini Ziryab is a commission horse along with a load of others in my studio. At this point in time, she is keeping Bunny (my VLO) company whilst the real mother is in the final stages of prepping downstairs in my dungeon. :-)


Saturday, 23 June 2012

'Where's Mummy?'

She is still being prepped, dear... Don't worry, she will be with you in a few days!


Two more Gallega Medallions

Well, it is good to be back home and painting!! I flew back last night, although it was a late one - we tried moving to the earlier flight but they were wanting to charge us over £100 each! No way... Then we were delayed for a long time once on the plane as a truck had broken down right behind our plane, and then something was going on with 'road works' over in Barcelona, or something... But anyway, I am back now!

I have already completed three pieces this morning alone, with two more well underway and I have been prepping too. It feels good to be back! I have been working non-stop today and have been loving it. I thought you might like to see two of the pieces I have completed today so far, and these are two Gallega medallions. The fleabitten grey is a commission.

Hopefully the new owner will like her! This dapple grey I did for myself as I wanted to see what she looked like in this colour...

I will probably end up donating this one to a live show or something! I have a couple more Gallegas to paint too, I can't wait!

Stay tuned, more painted ponies will be added soon!


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New CollectAs

Unfortunately I am unable to do anything with these models until August time. I have so many commissions to do for people in about three weeks (starting this Friday, I am so excited!) along with horses to do for myself, I have to think realistically and put them away for a couple of months. I can't wait to paint them though!

The new CollectA models for this year are made of a harder and more durable plastic, which is great as they are sturdier. I am wondering if the peely paint is still going on though - there is only one way to find out... Unless someone else finds out first!! Then it would save me a job!

The quarter horse has a bit of a weird mane in my opinion but it is still such a nice model.

The mustang, in my opinion, could in theory be shown as a 2 to 3 year old andalusian filly, as the noble head is there in this sculpture but the overall build of the horse seems slightly underdeveloped to me... Perhaps once this one has a colour on I will experiment with different breed ideas and see how she performs in the ring.

The shire mare is just beautiful! Such an honest sculpt and I can't wait to paint this mare especially!

Now, the next two aren't part of the new CollectA series (heck, one isn't even a CollectA!) but both came from the same package and I still won't be able to paint them for a couple of months, so why not show you what I have for the future in my bod box?This CollectA is a fairly old one, but I have wanted one for a while as it is well sculpted conformation-wise... The model is just so cute too! I think I shall stick to the appaloosa theme with this one.

And last, but certainly not least, is Breyer's new Haflinger mare from the Classic collection. I have been after this model to customise for a long time and now I am struggling to come up with a colour for her! Hopefully one will pop into my head soon...


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Gallega by Deb Brown

This is so exciting! Deb today just finished painting my medallion Gallega to a lovely palomino, exactly how I asked. She sent me these photos and I just have to share with you all! She has really brought the detail out that I sculpted and the dapples and the mane and tail just bring her to life, I can't be happier.


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Let's get stripping!

I recently won this AA Tagus from eBay from my friend for an absolute steal. I suppose not many people bid on him because a lot of people hate having to strip models from their paintwork. He also needs an ear repairing, but that is fine for me.

I have a little magic trick for stripping horses, however... I bought it from Homebase and it works a treat!

I already practised with this stuff on some stablemate bodies I had bought which I thought were completely unsalvageable, but it turns out I should be able to give them a new lease of life... A bit like a Model Horse RSPCA! I obtain a sandwich bag that has no holes in the bottom and I put a couple of tablespoons of the stripping stuff into it, along with the horse, and then I squish the stuff in and around the horse so the horse is covered. The brown paint on this horse came off super easily, and instantly I was left with a big, brown, gooey mess! I find the stripping fairly therapeutic, aart from the end points where you have to get a scouring pad or a toothbrush and really work into some crevices and creases of the model. Since Tagus is an Animal Artistry too, I was more compelled to be careful!!

This is what Tagus looked like after I washed him free of the goo. I would have loved to have kept him in there but I felt that I had to wash him off, as a lot of paint had come off already and it became harder to work with the stripper.

I am just about to go and get some more paintwork off him... I also have another horse who is a commission that I need to strip too...


Leics Minis Only

Well, after getting lost initially (turns out there were two Sandy Lanes and King Streets within a few miles of each other!) we eventually found the hall and I unpacked my models - all 20 of them! And half of that number were my micro minis... Luckily for me, I don't collect OF models and these classes were started first, and so I managed to miss none of my classes!

The hall is very nice, I am glad I now know where it is (LOL) and what it looks like, as the MHL live is to be held in the very same hall in September. Unfortunately, because I haven't had time to paint in my studio since completing my exams and finishing university for the academic year, I had no new and exciting models to bring with me to show and so I only had a few. It wasn't my most successful show ever but it was still a great day and I still got a load of placings.

THe highlight of the show for me was seeing my mini Oberon resin that I painted, who now has a third owner after me and he still does well in the showring, especially workmanship.

This same Oberon reached the BMECS Top Ten last year for workmanship too!


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Trying out my new toy

About a month ago I managed to get myself a heat gun, so I could try more repositioning properly as I have so many ideas for drastic customs in my mind that I have been waiting to give it all a go, including a Goffert body and a Black Beauty body. But I also have so many stablemate bodies to do stuff with, so I thought why not try to reposition some of those?

My first victim from those stablemates was a G3 thoroughbred. He had had a hard life thus far, he came to me covered in paint and I thought he was unsalvageable, however I got hold of some paint stripper and it worked wonders and it all came off. So one model saved! I lifted his head up with the gun.

As you can see, I accidentally squished his nose! I wasn't bothered, seeing as my sculpting skills have improved dramatically since working on my OS and my two medallions, so fixing his face up would be easy... But then I realised I liked the way he looked, and since his ears were shortened by a previous owner, I noticed that he would make a cute little hunter or show pony! So off came the mane and I put on a new one (apart from his forelock, that still needs doing...).

I still want to reconstruct some areas of his face maybe, but I am not sure yet...

My other project that I got to work on was the G3 Belgian. This time, I moved his head down.

For this one, I knew that he definitely required sculpting on his face. I wasn't sure if he had malformed features or not after his little surgery, but thought why not anyway! He certainly needed bits on his beck resculpting. So I got to work...

I was proud with how he turned out!

So... The next day I worked on his mane and tail... Although I had a massive brain fart or something, as I seemed to have accidentally mixed two parts of the same apoxie together instead of the two separate parts, consequently meaning that it never set at all and I had to take it off... *sigh* I am still frustrated by it now and I won't feel happier until I pop a new mane on. :-( This is what is looked like:

So as you can tell, I was pretty annoyed! Guess what I am going to do now...