Sunday, 10 June 2012

Leics Minis Only

Well, after getting lost initially (turns out there were two Sandy Lanes and King Streets within a few miles of each other!) we eventually found the hall and I unpacked my models - all 20 of them! And half of that number were my micro minis... Luckily for me, I don't collect OF models and these classes were started first, and so I managed to miss none of my classes!

The hall is very nice, I am glad I now know where it is (LOL) and what it looks like, as the MHL live is to be held in the very same hall in September. Unfortunately, because I haven't had time to paint in my studio since completing my exams and finishing university for the academic year, I had no new and exciting models to bring with me to show and so I only had a few. It wasn't my most successful show ever but it was still a great day and I still got a load of placings.

THe highlight of the show for me was seeing my mini Oberon resin that I painted, who now has a third owner after me and he still does well in the showring, especially workmanship.

This same Oberon reached the BMECS Top Ten last year for workmanship too!


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