Sunday, 10 June 2012

Let's get stripping!

I recently won this AA Tagus from eBay from my friend for an absolute steal. I suppose not many people bid on him because a lot of people hate having to strip models from their paintwork. He also needs an ear repairing, but that is fine for me.

I have a little magic trick for stripping horses, however... I bought it from Homebase and it works a treat!

I already practised with this stuff on some stablemate bodies I had bought which I thought were completely unsalvageable, but it turns out I should be able to give them a new lease of life... A bit like a Model Horse RSPCA! I obtain a sandwich bag that has no holes in the bottom and I put a couple of tablespoons of the stripping stuff into it, along with the horse, and then I squish the stuff in and around the horse so the horse is covered. The brown paint on this horse came off super easily, and instantly I was left with a big, brown, gooey mess! I find the stripping fairly therapeutic, aart from the end points where you have to get a scouring pad or a toothbrush and really work into some crevices and creases of the model. Since Tagus is an Animal Artistry too, I was more compelled to be careful!!

This is what Tagus looked like after I washed him free of the goo. I would have loved to have kept him in there but I felt that I had to wash him off, as a lot of paint had come off already and it became harder to work with the stripper.

I am just about to go and get some more paintwork off him... I also have another horse who is a commission that I need to strip too...


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