Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Trying out my new toy

About a month ago I managed to get myself a heat gun, so I could try more repositioning properly as I have so many ideas for drastic customs in my mind that I have been waiting to give it all a go, including a Goffert body and a Black Beauty body. But I also have so many stablemate bodies to do stuff with, so I thought why not try to reposition some of those?

My first victim from those stablemates was a G3 thoroughbred. He had had a hard life thus far, he came to me covered in paint and I thought he was unsalvageable, however I got hold of some paint stripper and it worked wonders and it all came off. So one model saved! I lifted his head up with the gun.

As you can see, I accidentally squished his nose! I wasn't bothered, seeing as my sculpting skills have improved dramatically since working on my OS and my two medallions, so fixing his face up would be easy... But then I realised I liked the way he looked, and since his ears were shortened by a previous owner, I noticed that he would make a cute little hunter or show pony! So off came the mane and I put on a new one (apart from his forelock, that still needs doing...).

I still want to reconstruct some areas of his face maybe, but I am not sure yet...

My other project that I got to work on was the G3 Belgian. This time, I moved his head down.

For this one, I knew that he definitely required sculpting on his face. I wasn't sure if he had malformed features or not after his little surgery, but thought why not anyway! He certainly needed bits on his beck resculpting. So I got to work...

I was proud with how he turned out!

So... The next day I worked on his mane and tail... Although I had a massive brain fart or something, as I seemed to have accidentally mixed two parts of the same apoxie together instead of the two separate parts, consequently meaning that it never set at all and I had to take it off... *sigh* I am still frustrated by it now and I won't feel happier until I pop a new mane on. :-( This is what is looked like:

So as you can tell, I was pretty annoyed! Guess what I am going to do now...



  1. Aren't heat guns awesome? Both of those customs look great. You did an excellent job resculpting on the drafter!

    1. Thank you very much, and yes I can't believe I survived this long with no heat gun!!