Saturday, 23 June 2012

Two more Gallega Medallions

Well, it is good to be back home and painting!! I flew back last night, although it was a late one - we tried moving to the earlier flight but they were wanting to charge us over £100 each! No way... Then we were delayed for a long time once on the plane as a truck had broken down right behind our plane, and then something was going on with 'road works' over in Barcelona, or something... But anyway, I am back now!

I have already completed three pieces this morning alone, with two more well underway and I have been prepping too. It feels good to be back! I have been working non-stop today and have been loving it. I thought you might like to see two of the pieces I have completed today so far, and these are two Gallega medallions. The fleabitten grey is a commission.

Hopefully the new owner will like her! This dapple grey I did for myself as I wanted to see what she looked like in this colour...

I will probably end up donating this one to a live show or something! I have a couple more Gallegas to paint too, I can't wait!

Stay tuned, more painted ponies will be added soon!


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