Sunday, 29 July 2012

A day with Kelly Sealey

Yesterday, I took a train to Northampton where I met up with the talented UK sculptor Kelly Sealey, where I promised her I would help clean up her UH Hullabaloo foals in time for the big event which is creeping up slowly at the end of August. Unfortunately I won't be able to come to the show but did somehow want to contribute to the massive event, and when Kelly offered a form of trade (she is going to do the waste mould and casting of my Little Spanish Dude) for my labour, I said yes. So, for the whole of yesterday afternoon we were out in the sun with loads of tools and we were getting rid of seams.

Just stealing this photo from Kelly's Facebook Page, hopefully she won't mind! In the end we cleaned up 21 castings between us.
This foal is going to be such a huge success, the details and hard work that has gone into this little guy is phenomenal and there is no doubt that he is going to well in the show ring. Utterly Horses require 162 copies in time for the Hullabaloo event and 21 of those cleaned up is a good start!

I plan on returning in August to help out again, it is great to have a good natter with a fellow hobbyist who shares the same interests and it is great to get some brilliant tips and get the gossip. I learned a lot!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Longer in the back

Whilst asking for critique on Bailadito and seeing if there was anything majorly off, it was noted that he is too short in the back. Basic measurements for horses are such that the neck should be the same length as the head, and the overall body is approximately three horse head lengths. Basing loosely on this idea, I remeasured and yes, his body is only 2.5 horse heads long! So I played around on my editing program on my computer and lengthened his back. So, he went from this...
To this...
Although it felt weird when lengthening it at the time, once I finished on the computer program it looked a lot better to the eye. So... How do I go about doing this in real life on the model itself? Well, I have to wait until I have the waste casting in hand, then I can chop him up...


Monday, 23 July 2012

Bailadito Progress

I said I wasn't going to show any photos... But he has improved in himself on the whole and the current photos I have need to be updated anyway. So I have updated my website photos of him and they are here too for you all to see. A waste mould will be made of him soon, can't wait for that!
The off side is also now looking a lot less flat which I am very pleased about. I need to start coming up with mane and tail ideas!!
I hope people are liking him...


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Todd Success!

I received this photo from the winner of the Todd medallion I did as a fjord pony back at the European Extravaganza live, she took this photo of him (now known as Humphrey) next to his lovely blue 2nd ribbon from the medallion class at Cat Burt's forget-me-not live!
But this Todd, owned by me and painted by Deb Brown, was the winner. Cat proxy showed him for me so I have to wait a few weeks before I see him with his ribbon (and an Inferno medallion by Kelly Savage, who sponsored the class!) but for reminders, this is him...

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Update on Commissions

My list is empty! Well, empty-er!
I can't work on anymore horses until August time now, due to my studio move, so everything is on hold. I have many horses to paint in time for the MHL live however, hopefully they will qualify in time for the big BMECS!

I am also running a mini competition on my Facebook page too...
I recently updated my blog so you can access my facebook page by looking on the right. :-) It is fun to hold competitions like this!!

I also have some stablemates here that are in need of being commissioned. If you are interested in me painting any of the horses below, get in touch - prices start from £12, which includes the model and a basic colour.
I can't accept anymore commissions for August right now, though, only these stablemates I can paint for others. I am really sorry about this, I would love to take on more horses! I am not sure when I can open my books again, I might be able to tackle a horse every few weeks but because I am at university, it is difficult! :-)


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

So excited!

I have just been looking at calendars and dates etc. and it is confirmed that I can actually attend BMECS this year! I am SOOOO happy! I can't wait, it is going to be super! I have loads of horses that are qualified for this show too so I am going to be showing so many... Finally, they get their little moment in the big show ring up against the big ones! This is where the competition gets fierce.

I am so looking forward to it, I just had to share!


Monday, 9 July 2012

Another Painted Pony

I finished this arabian yesterday after being left half painted on my shelves for a week. At first I wasn't too sure about the mohair but once I applied the mousse and styled it I am a lot happier. Her name is Frivolous Cascade and she will definitely be joining me for the MHL Live on 1st September. I can't wait for that show! Although I still have a lot to do for it, such as printing certificates...
Now she is packed away... Until I can get her out back in the UK. It is so exciting moving back to our old house! I still have a couple more horses to pack, I will do those over the next couple of days...


Friday, 6 July 2012

The packing begins

There has been a slight problem with moving out, some dates got muddled up and now it means that we have to do the majority of the packing to move back to the UK (people would do it for us). Although this means more work, I feel a bit more comfortable with the arrangement as I can now pack all my horses and I know they will be packed carefully.

It is sad packing my horses away, my cabinet is now bare with no models in it and my lovely horses are not on display!

I will definitely miss Spain, but will certainly come back to visit all of my friends and have fun especially. The weather here does not do anything for my horses, this one is a Deb Brown custom of mine but his legs closest to the camera are warped from the heat. As I was packing him, they were still slightly bendy, it is awful. He cannot stand on his own and so when he touches UK soil again I am going to fix him and straighten the legs, and I may have to create a base for him. He is a beautiful piece, I hope I can make him stand again...

There are a few more horses to pack still, I have loads downstairs in my studio but I would like to finish some of them first!!