Sunday, 29 July 2012

A day with Kelly Sealey

Yesterday, I took a train to Northampton where I met up with the talented UK sculptor Kelly Sealey, where I promised her I would help clean up her UH Hullabaloo foals in time for the big event which is creeping up slowly at the end of August. Unfortunately I won't be able to come to the show but did somehow want to contribute to the massive event, and when Kelly offered a form of trade (she is going to do the waste mould and casting of my Little Spanish Dude) for my labour, I said yes. So, for the whole of yesterday afternoon we were out in the sun with loads of tools and we were getting rid of seams.

Just stealing this photo from Kelly's Facebook Page, hopefully she won't mind! In the end we cleaned up 21 castings between us.
This foal is going to be such a huge success, the details and hard work that has gone into this little guy is phenomenal and there is no doubt that he is going to well in the show ring. Utterly Horses require 162 copies in time for the Hullabaloo event and 21 of those cleaned up is a good start!

I plan on returning in August to help out again, it is great to have a good natter with a fellow hobbyist who shares the same interests and it is great to get some brilliant tips and get the gossip. I learned a lot!

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