Friday, 6 July 2012

The packing begins

There has been a slight problem with moving out, some dates got muddled up and now it means that we have to do the majority of the packing to move back to the UK (people would do it for us). Although this means more work, I feel a bit more comfortable with the arrangement as I can now pack all my horses and I know they will be packed carefully.

It is sad packing my horses away, my cabinet is now bare with no models in it and my lovely horses are not on display!

I will definitely miss Spain, but will certainly come back to visit all of my friends and have fun especially. The weather here does not do anything for my horses, this one is a Deb Brown custom of mine but his legs closest to the camera are warped from the heat. As I was packing him, they were still slightly bendy, it is awful. He cannot stand on his own and so when he touches UK soil again I am going to fix him and straighten the legs, and I may have to create a base for him. He is a beautiful piece, I hope I can make him stand again...

There are a few more horses to pack still, I have loads downstairs in my studio but I would like to finish some of them first!!


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