Saturday, 14 July 2012

Update on Commissions

My list is empty! Well, empty-er!
I can't work on anymore horses until August time now, due to my studio move, so everything is on hold. I have many horses to paint in time for the MHL live however, hopefully they will qualify in time for the big BMECS!

I am also running a mini competition on my Facebook page too...
I recently updated my blog so you can access my facebook page by looking on the right. :-) It is fun to hold competitions like this!!

I also have some stablemates here that are in need of being commissioned. If you are interested in me painting any of the horses below, get in touch - prices start from £12, which includes the model and a basic colour.
I can't accept anymore commissions for August right now, though, only these stablemates I can paint for others. I am really sorry about this, I would love to take on more horses! I am not sure when I can open my books again, I might be able to tackle a horse every few weeks but because I am at university, it is difficult! :-)


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