Monday, 27 August 2012

Major Studio Update Post... Part one!

Be prepared to be seriously updated in this post! I will have to split all my photos into two separate blog posts as there are a lot of horses to go through... I have taken photos of nearly all the models in my studio currently that are in progress. I am not sure if they will all be done in time for the MHL live this coming Saturday (in fact, I can guarantee that not all of them will be finished!) but anyway...

First up, is the Yankee II resin. He was fully prepped yesterday but only has half of his first base coat on. This one is a special commission where I said he should be done in time for the show (unless something goes badly wrong!) I really love this resin, he has a nice character about him.

This one is Breyer's classic scaled foal who I have wanted to customise for a while, as I love how his tail is swished up! As you can tell, he is hair prepped. It was almost a shame to put the white markings on this little one!

This CollectA QH has been in progress for a while, his hairs are just starting and are grey at this stage, I haven't got round to putting more hairs on (it can be quite a tedious task! That might be his show name, actually... Tedious Task... :-) )

This is Eberl's Sophie resin in progress. I have been trying to find out more about this mare as she seems to be a bit unknown, but I am aware that she could have been released in March 2010, or around then. I am unsure of her edition number and I haven't seen ANY painted before. If you have then send me pictures! And if you know her edition number (I am presuming it is around 35 or so??) then that would also be very helpful!

Her white markings are going to drive me nuts... And once her paintwork is done she won't be finished, she still needs hair!!

There are more models to come, but for now I shall leave you with this lot. I will post the next lot later today! as you can see, I am rushed off my feet and I still have to print things off for the live show next week, as well as cut things out. My airbrush is also on its way out, perfect timing... NOT!


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