Saturday, 25 August 2012

One week to go...

The MHL Live 2012 is exactly one week away, and so I have been working my socks off daily in the studio to get commissions done in time for customers and so they can be shown in the very last live show of the season before BMECS. During these commissions have been these two, a mini Boreas and a Very Little One - although these have gone back home to their owner and are now out of my studio, they will still be attending the live show.
Among these two I have been working on a mini Scarlett resin who has also gone to her owner, a Breyer Classic Haflinger who I have painted to a dun and more. Unfortunately, I have no photos of these to show you! Hopefully soon...

I have also been given the challenge to paint a Yankee II resin within the week in time for the live show! It is a tall order but this resin is easy to prep as most of his seams have been gone over.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently this month but it has been very hectic, once the live show is over next week you will be sure to receive a report!


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