Monday, 13 August 2012

Small Update

Not too much to report, I came back from Holiday on Saturday straight after we moved house, Pickle our cat moved in today and she is settling well. I thought I should post about these two horses, more photos are available on my studio website; the first one is the Breeds of the World Breyer Andalusian that will be shown as a lusitano, and the other is the CollectA Shire mare that is very sabino indeed!
And this is the shire mare...
Both will be shown at the MHL Live and if they do not BMECS qualify they will be for sale straight after. If they do qualify, they will be staying with me until October 6th, where after that date I will then sell.

I have many more ideas and horses in the works so stay tuned! Although the next couple of weeks for me are a bit hairy, I still definitely have studio time... :-)


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