Monday, 27 August 2012

Studio Update part Two!

Time again for a peak at what is in my studio! You will also be pleased to know that I just ordered a new airbrush, to save me time and stress.

This pony is the CollectA Appaloosa and isn't a new mould. However, he has the cutest face and so I had to get one to paint up. He does suit the appaloosa breed though, so I am just 'updating' his OF colour in a way to make it nicer.

This Timpani resin, sculpted by Donna Chaney from Animal Artistry, is a commission and he is nearly done. In these photos, I just need to work on his feet some more along with other details and then he will be complete.

This horse is Breyer's Black Beauty mould, and has been around for many years. I decided to purchase one as a body because I really liked his stance, and with some extra attitude he could be a neat model. However, when I purchased one at last I realised that the conformation of his head was pretty poor, with his eyes being in completely the wrong place for a start! So I dremelled his face right down and built it up again (note that his face still isn't 100% done!)

His head and neck-set has been repositioned downwards and to the right slightly too, and he is to become quite a snotty boy. His mane and tail have gone too as he is to get it new and sculpted. I am having neck issues with him right now, but after some hefty dremelling I will see how he looks - I might have to shorten his neck but am hoping it won't come to that!

He will look rather fierce when done though, which I look forward to! This pony is also meant to be fierce, but I have hit a fence with him. His mane and tail don't go at all, and if I am honest I prefer his tail to his mane. The tail is set too high for a pony too, which is annoying... I could maybe chop it off and re-set but to be honest I am thinking about lobbing the mane off and giving him a loose, flowing one? Would love opinions of some form. He still needs prepping on his neck so I am taking loads of time on him!

And, for good measure, last but not least, two dogs I need to paint as commissions!

Right, time to get back into the studio again!

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