Friday, 28 September 2012

Another Short Back...

I seem to have a very good knack for making my sculpture's backs too short! Still, IMO, this is better than making their backs too long... Hamlet recently underwent changes to his hindquarters and I think he is very *nearly* there for being able to go and have a waste casting done of him. I took these photos to show people his progress.
I then took both images onto GIMP (I don't have PhotoShop on this laptop, unfortunately) where I proceeded to increase the length of his back. Although I have only increased it slightly, it has made a recognisable difference and now I can't wait to get my hack saw on him when I get a waste casting produced!
Can you see the difference?

I still need to work on his eyes more and other small details, and then I need to think about producing him in resin for finishing dtails. Then he will go off for casting.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Changes to Hamlet

Hamlet has come along really well but there were still some things bugging me about him. To me he looked more pony-like than what he is meant to be; a heavyweight cob. Some things about his conformation were bugging me as well so it became the time where I print out pictures of him and try to depict what is exactly wrong.

To help identify the problems, it is always good to look with a fresh pair of eyes. For this reason I like to put my sculpture down for a good few days and try not to think about it, and then come back to it. This usually helps enormously. Another trick I have learnt is to hold the sculpture up to a mirror, where he is back-to-front. This is like looking at an entirely different piece and you are able to detect faults more easily. Reversing the sculpture can also be done with images and this is what I do when I print them off to draw and annotate on.
This image is where I have downloaded it, changed the contrasts so I see things a bit better, and I have flipped the image too. I did this to both sides of the sculpture. I then printed it off onto one sheet of paper and I got my trusty book out on horse anatomy and muscles. This book I have blogged about before and it helped me with my Spanish sculpture, Bailadito.

There is a great deal of things I wished to change after printing the images off. For a start, the near fore shoulder is still giving me grief and I think I have worked out that it just isn’t bulky enough for what I want. This is the same for the hindquarters. With the hindquarters, however, I had incorrectly done the bone structure somewhat; this caused the hind to not be as full or big as it is meant to be, as I hadn’t had the right point of buttocks, and the tail bone was too low set. Now that I have realised this, these changes should especially make all the difference in the world and help a great deal. The line of the spine I drew onto the sculpture and this passes through the very top of the horse and above the hip, and this is where I went wrong before.

His back may be the correct length after all. I am expecting it to be, because I did measure it and it measured up fine against a cob horse in my breed book. Cobs tend to have shorter, stronger backs and instead of being a ‘standard’ measurement of another horse (such as a thoroughbred or andalusian) it does seem shorter and doesn’t measure up like the others. I will see how Hamlet progresses though, as if he is not pleasing to the eye and measurements always change when sculpting, I may have to lengthen it anyway.

I still need to measure his legs in these photos (this is what he currently looks like now) but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel and it is exciting that I am thinking about his waste mould now!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

New Horse on its way...

I really shouldn't be spending but this one I couldn't resist!

Absolutely no idea on colour choices though... Perhaps something dark and dappled... Mmmmm...


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

ASOTH DAY 2 2012

I don't know why I call it ASOTH Day 2 this year, when the first day was cancelled. ASOTH is A Show Of Two Halves, where the first day is Performance all day and the second day is all-day halter with a few novice performance classes. Unfortunately with the current climate people are unable to attend as many shows as they would like and this caused the first day to be cancelled, meaning there were some generic performance classes placed on day 2 instead.

Despite all, it turned out to be a great day. The first horse I entered did super well, which was a brilliant start!

I was surprised at this result as the quality of this class was high. In fact,t he quality of all of the classes was very high! The resin classes moved through alongside the OF classes (I only enter AR and CM classes) where my horses continued to place well...

Kelly Sealey's Sweet Lullaby resin hasn't failed to do well for me yet! She is attending BMECS this year and has qualified for next year which is nice. My Sadie Shoofly also came first in her class and beat a couple of other nice resins...

One of the other nice resins happened to be the Yankee II resin I had for commission for someone! It is definitely a nice feeling when you show a horse for someone and they do well.

My Mini Cromwell resin also won his class, I was pleased about this one. He really does have a lot of detail on him for a resin and whilst there have been some people who are not sure about his breed choice, at both shows he has been to he has done well. So I am not complaining!

We moved onto the customs classes and they were all similar stories. None placed first but the customs classes were absolutely massive, I am not sure if I have seen classes so big. But they still placed 2nd or so which was nice. This was my CollectA Appaloosa getting 2nd.

And the CollectA Shire I showed as a Clydesdale and she also came second in her class. Although she didn't win, she has still qualified for BMECS!

The last horse I entered for the day was a Highland custom I painted. I did her back in the summer and I never took photos to show anyone which was a shame! Turns out I think she has a nice home now which is good too. I entered her into her class and it was a big class again, and I was tickled when she placed second, behind another on the same mould which was really stunning.

My next show is BMECS now, which is in just under three weeks. It will be my first show where only qualified models can take part and so it should be really good! And yes, you should expect a blog report from me...


Friday, 14 September 2012

Meet Hamlet! So far...

You will be very sick of him (as well as me) in the coming weeks (months, years...) as I try to work on him and make him into a nice squishy cob - the best kind!

I have worked out what I want to do with this piece and I shall explain it here, so it is already written down and people will know what I am hopefully talking about (although I do like to run off on tangents an awful lot!) This cob is called Hamlet, where he will be the first version of TWO. Hamlet is the non-hairy version, he will have a hogged mane and a pulled tail where he is ready for the show ring. His second version will be a lot more fluffy and hairy and will go by the name of Horatio. Horatio will be reworked from Hamlet by having extra fluffy feathering on his feet, fluffy mane and tail, fluffy everything!

The copies will both be limited in one edition, how many yet I have no idea as that is too far away to think about really (but hopefully soon!)I need to actually finish Hamlet first!But I am pleased with how he is coming along so far.

Now, before you look at the photos...
1. I am aware that yes, his back may be a little too short. I did measure it and whilst it pretty much matches the photo I measured from, I don't find it particularly pleasing to the eye so eventually it might be lengthened.
2. I haven't measured the front feet or off hind in these photos so they may look a little off, but I do have a good eye for measurements so if they are off at all, it should only be slightly! The off fore is bugging me the most though if you can tell.
3. I only started to add some muscling to the near fore, the rest is still plain clay (although his back end is looking pretty good!!).

He is still very much a WIP but please, if you have any constructive criticism on his progress and overall appearance, I would love to hear it (even if you agree with me, or think otherwise, whatever!)


Thursday, 13 September 2012

New Sculpture Idea

I have definitely had plans to sculpt a cob of some form as my next sculpture (hearing coblet fans screaming YAY!) but I was wondering what people would feel if I was to do two versions... The fact that I am stating this right from the start that I am planning on doing two different versions will hopefully be much less controversial! And hopefully they will be different enough...

This is a picture I just found on the internet, but my sculpture idea was to be a cob in the trotting pose and on the bit for the show ring, whether in hand, dressage, show jumping? Whatever!
photo is NOT mine!

The first version will be all neat and tidy and plaited, and the next version I am planning on being a lot more hairy...
And again, photo is NOT mine!

But maybe not as hairy as that beast!

I would love to get started on this horse soon but I feel that I need to wait for Bailadito to perhaps be out of the way first... Maybe I will give it a go sooner though.


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Mindy Resin

Poor thing...

I have put this mare through the worst... I kept making her paintjob so bad a couple of years ago and then I stopped. Yesterday I FINALLY got the stripped out and now she is almost back to her old self and I can work on her again. She has no tail and her mane still needs to be fully sanded off but I can't wait to make her pretty again and finish her, so she is fit for the show ring!


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Studio Update for September

More horses are finished and others are in progress for September before I return to University later on this month. One of the horses finished includes this appaloosa CollectA.

After ASOTH in two weeks, this one will be up for sale. This Timpani resin from Animal Artistry was another horse in the works that I completed last week. He was a commission, and is now in his new home.

My Eberl Sophie resin, who I have since discovered that she most probably was released in March 2010, is still very much still in the works. At the moment it is one white layer after another and it is rather repetitive and tiresome! But I do know that the results will be worth it. I have painted her eyes and have started shading her muzzle in, and her whites need many more layers as well as her hooves need doing (they have one layer of paint on right now, the start of many). She is starting to really come to life though, I can't wait to finish her and give her a mohair mane and tail, there is just something about Eberl's sculptures that makes them breathe!

I have also made a start on the dog commissions. I am still waiting to hear back from the owner, but I hope she is pleased with them this far! They are about 80% done in the picture.


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Yankee II Resin Complete

I finally finished the Yankee resin. Unfortunately something bad did happen - I said a couple of blog posts back that he would be done for the show on September 1st unless something went wrong... Well, it did! The humidity in the UK went really high and it caused my paints to just not dry. It meant major painting delays and in the end I couldn't finish him in time for the show.

However, all is not lost, as I am attending another show in September 16th where he can make his debut instead. I have already sent pictures to the owner and she is happy with him, and I have to say that he still looks better in real life. Unfortunately I had to use flash to get any decent shots and it has meant that the mane and tail is washed out! Anyway, photos...

I still need to paint more white layers on my Sophie resin, but apart from that she is coming along well too. I can't wait to have her done and shown in my english tack!


Monday, 3 September 2012

MHL Live 2012 Review

Waking up at 5:30am for this show, I seemed to be more awake than I thought I would be! We set off at 6am for Melton Mowbray in leicestershire, taking us 2 hours (a little more than 2 hours as we stopped for a fry-up!!). When I arrived, I set up my table. I seemed to be a little later than other people, and I was hosting the show along with Rachel Smith, it was almost as if I was late for my own party!

The Performance section was first, followed by OF and CTF (there were only two rings). The competition was great, I really liked this set-up:

However it didn't make it into the championship. Instead, were these amazing entries... All belonging to Wendy Goodson!! The standards were high for a fairly small show.

And I have to share this horse with you - it is an OOAK from Helen Moore of Equorum Horses, who did this guy and Wendy proxy showed him for her. His detail for a CTF model was outstanding and so his section champion and CTF champion were thoroughly deserved.

After lunch and the raffle (although not much in the raffle, unfortunately!) the CM and AR/CHINA sections started. This was where I began running around like crazy, as I only really enter in these two sections. Up first was the arabian class where my Sabiha resin took a 3rd place:

Afterwards was the partbred Arabian class where my Sweet Lullaby, shown as an Anglo Arabian, took first in her class:

Later on, she took a reserve to reserve champion in the Light Breeds championship!

The iberian classes I entered almost to the maximum: the limit per class was 4 entries, I placed 4 resins in the AR/CHINA class and 3 in the custom class. Needless to say, I owned both classes!! The winner of the AR class was a commission piece, a Centeno resin I painted to a dark dappled bay. I was so pleased to see this!

This resin beat Timesquare Delilah, my HA Estada resin...

... My Unbridled Joy resin, shown as a Lipizanner...

... and Tumlinson's Matador resin!

The custom class was a similar story... The First place was another commission horse I completed for someone, so it is really nice to see that they place first!

He beat the BOTW Andalusian I painted palomino and showed as a Lusitano, and the CollectA mustang I had painted and shown as a three year old andalusian mare.

The other classes were a good success too: although I didn't win any classes as such, they did enough in the class to obtain a BMECS card so they are qualified for the show this October! This includes my Justin Thyme resin, El Fantasia (please excuse the jaffa cakes!!)

... My Sinclair resin, Fantastic Mr Fox...

... And my Sadie Shoofly resin! (she is named Sabrina, because she is literally a 'teenage witch!')

Towards the end, we had a fantasy class in the custom section, where there was this wonderful entry!! He has qualified for BMECS this year too, so I am expecting to see him!

I believe his name was 'In Your Dreams'!

Eventually came the overall championship, where this beautiful Valor resin (who initially beat El Fantasia) took Overall Supreme. It was extremely well deserved!
All in all it was a brilliant day but extremely tiring. Compared to the first MHL live, it ran a lot more smoothly and was more relaxed and overall better! Now it is time to plan next year's show...

For more pictures, please visit MHL's Facebook Page, where all of the photos there can be viewed.