Tuesday, 18 September 2012

ASOTH DAY 2 2012

I don't know why I call it ASOTH Day 2 this year, when the first day was cancelled. ASOTH is A Show Of Two Halves, where the first day is Performance all day and the second day is all-day halter with a few novice performance classes. Unfortunately with the current climate people are unable to attend as many shows as they would like and this caused the first day to be cancelled, meaning there were some generic performance classes placed on day 2 instead.

Despite all, it turned out to be a great day. The first horse I entered did super well, which was a brilliant start!

I was surprised at this result as the quality of this class was high. In fact,t he quality of all of the classes was very high! The resin classes moved through alongside the OF classes (I only enter AR and CM classes) where my horses continued to place well...

Kelly Sealey's Sweet Lullaby resin hasn't failed to do well for me yet! She is attending BMECS this year and has qualified for next year which is nice. My Sadie Shoofly also came first in her class and beat a couple of other nice resins...

One of the other nice resins happened to be the Yankee II resin I had for commission for someone! It is definitely a nice feeling when you show a horse for someone and they do well.

My Mini Cromwell resin also won his class, I was pleased about this one. He really does have a lot of detail on him for a resin and whilst there have been some people who are not sure about his breed choice, at both shows he has been to he has done well. So I am not complaining!

We moved onto the customs classes and they were all similar stories. None placed first but the customs classes were absolutely massive, I am not sure if I have seen classes so big. But they still placed 2nd or so which was nice. This was my CollectA Appaloosa getting 2nd.

And the CollectA Shire I showed as a Clydesdale and she also came second in her class. Although she didn't win, she has still qualified for BMECS!

The last horse I entered for the day was a Highland custom I painted. I did her back in the summer and I never took photos to show anyone which was a shame! Turns out I think she has a nice home now which is good too. I entered her into her class and it was a big class again, and I was tickled when she placed second, behind another on the same mould which was really stunning.

My next show is BMECS now, which is in just under three weeks. It will be my first show where only qualified models can take part and so it should be really good! And yes, you should expect a blog report from me...


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