Friday, 14 September 2012

Meet Hamlet! So far...

You will be very sick of him (as well as me) in the coming weeks (months, years...) as I try to work on him and make him into a nice squishy cob - the best kind!

I have worked out what I want to do with this piece and I shall explain it here, so it is already written down and people will know what I am hopefully talking about (although I do like to run off on tangents an awful lot!) This cob is called Hamlet, where he will be the first version of TWO. Hamlet is the non-hairy version, he will have a hogged mane and a pulled tail where he is ready for the show ring. His second version will be a lot more fluffy and hairy and will go by the name of Horatio. Horatio will be reworked from Hamlet by having extra fluffy feathering on his feet, fluffy mane and tail, fluffy everything!

The copies will both be limited in one edition, how many yet I have no idea as that is too far away to think about really (but hopefully soon!)I need to actually finish Hamlet first!But I am pleased with how he is coming along so far.

Now, before you look at the photos...
1. I am aware that yes, his back may be a little too short. I did measure it and whilst it pretty much matches the photo I measured from, I don't find it particularly pleasing to the eye so eventually it might be lengthened.
2. I haven't measured the front feet or off hind in these photos so they may look a little off, but I do have a good eye for measurements so if they are off at all, it should only be slightly! The off fore is bugging me the most though if you can tell.
3. I only started to add some muscling to the near fore, the rest is still plain clay (although his back end is looking pretty good!!).

He is still very much a WIP but please, if you have any constructive criticism on his progress and overall appearance, I would love to hear it (even if you agree with me, or think otherwise, whatever!)



  1. Very cool! I love the names. I agree about the short back. I think his neck might be a bit thick, but it might even out once his hind end and legs have some more muscling.

    1. Thanks. Yes his back is way too short but it will be sorted eventually! He has come on in leaps and bounds and I can't wait to keep working on him and get him ready for a waste casting!

  2. *makes grabby hands at*
    I will DEFINITELY be getting a fluffy version!