Monday, 3 September 2012

MHL Live 2012 Review

Waking up at 5:30am for this show, I seemed to be more awake than I thought I would be! We set off at 6am for Melton Mowbray in leicestershire, taking us 2 hours (a little more than 2 hours as we stopped for a fry-up!!). When I arrived, I set up my table. I seemed to be a little later than other people, and I was hosting the show along with Rachel Smith, it was almost as if I was late for my own party!

The Performance section was first, followed by OF and CTF (there were only two rings). The competition was great, I really liked this set-up:

However it didn't make it into the championship. Instead, were these amazing entries... All belonging to Wendy Goodson!! The standards were high for a fairly small show.

And I have to share this horse with you - it is an OOAK from Helen Moore of Equorum Horses, who did this guy and Wendy proxy showed him for her. His detail for a CTF model was outstanding and so his section champion and CTF champion were thoroughly deserved.

After lunch and the raffle (although not much in the raffle, unfortunately!) the CM and AR/CHINA sections started. This was where I began running around like crazy, as I only really enter in these two sections. Up first was the arabian class where my Sabiha resin took a 3rd place:

Afterwards was the partbred Arabian class where my Sweet Lullaby, shown as an Anglo Arabian, took first in her class:

Later on, she took a reserve to reserve champion in the Light Breeds championship!

The iberian classes I entered almost to the maximum: the limit per class was 4 entries, I placed 4 resins in the AR/CHINA class and 3 in the custom class. Needless to say, I owned both classes!! The winner of the AR class was a commission piece, a Centeno resin I painted to a dark dappled bay. I was so pleased to see this!

This resin beat Timesquare Delilah, my HA Estada resin...

... My Unbridled Joy resin, shown as a Lipizanner...

... and Tumlinson's Matador resin!

The custom class was a similar story... The First place was another commission horse I completed for someone, so it is really nice to see that they place first!

He beat the BOTW Andalusian I painted palomino and showed as a Lusitano, and the CollectA mustang I had painted and shown as a three year old andalusian mare.

The other classes were a good success too: although I didn't win any classes as such, they did enough in the class to obtain a BMECS card so they are qualified for the show this October! This includes my Justin Thyme resin, El Fantasia (please excuse the jaffa cakes!!)

... My Sinclair resin, Fantastic Mr Fox...

... And my Sadie Shoofly resin! (she is named Sabrina, because she is literally a 'teenage witch!')

Towards the end, we had a fantasy class in the custom section, where there was this wonderful entry!! He has qualified for BMECS this year too, so I am expecting to see him!

I believe his name was 'In Your Dreams'!

Eventually came the overall championship, where this beautiful Valor resin (who initially beat El Fantasia) took Overall Supreme. It was extremely well deserved!
All in all it was a brilliant day but extremely tiring. Compared to the first MHL live, it ran a lot more smoothly and was more relaxed and overall better! Now it is time to plan next year's show...

For more pictures, please visit MHL's Facebook Page, where all of the photos there can be viewed.



  1. Congratulations! Those horses are beautiful.

    1. Thank you very much - the competition for this show sure was tough, and there were only around 10 of us total at the show!