Thursday, 13 September 2012

New Sculpture Idea

I have definitely had plans to sculpt a cob of some form as my next sculpture (hearing coblet fans screaming YAY!) but I was wondering what people would feel if I was to do two versions... The fact that I am stating this right from the start that I am planning on doing two different versions will hopefully be much less controversial! And hopefully they will be different enough...

This is a picture I just found on the internet, but my sculpture idea was to be a cob in the trotting pose and on the bit for the show ring, whether in hand, dressage, show jumping? Whatever!
photo is NOT mine!

The first version will be all neat and tidy and plaited, and the next version I am planning on being a lot more hairy...
And again, photo is NOT mine!

But maybe not as hairy as that beast!

I would love to get started on this horse soon but I feel that I need to wait for Bailadito to perhaps be out of the way first... Maybe I will give it a go sooner though.


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