Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Studio Update for September

More horses are finished and others are in progress for September before I return to University later on this month. One of the horses finished includes this appaloosa CollectA.

After ASOTH in two weeks, this one will be up for sale. This Timpani resin from Animal Artistry was another horse in the works that I completed last week. He was a commission, and is now in his new home.

My Eberl Sophie resin, who I have since discovered that she most probably was released in March 2010, is still very much still in the works. At the moment it is one white layer after another and it is rather repetitive and tiresome! But I do know that the results will be worth it. I have painted her eyes and have started shading her muzzle in, and her whites need many more layers as well as her hooves need doing (they have one layer of paint on right now, the start of many). She is starting to really come to life though, I can't wait to finish her and give her a mohair mane and tail, there is just something about Eberl's sculptures that makes them breathe!

I have also made a start on the dog commissions. I am still waiting to hear back from the owner, but I hope she is pleased with them this far! They are about 80% done in the picture.


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