Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Yankee II Resin Complete

I finally finished the Yankee resin. Unfortunately something bad did happen - I said a couple of blog posts back that he would be done for the show on September 1st unless something went wrong... Well, it did! The humidity in the UK went really high and it caused my paints to just not dry. It meant major painting delays and in the end I couldn't finish him in time for the show.

However, all is not lost, as I am attending another show in September 16th where he can make his debut instead. I have already sent pictures to the owner and she is happy with him, and I have to say that he still looks better in real life. Unfortunately I had to use flash to get any decent shots and it has meant that the mane and tail is washed out! Anyway, photos...

I still need to paint more white layers on my Sophie resin, but apart from that she is coming along well too. I can't wait to have her done and shown in my english tack!


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