Friday, 5 October 2012

Another Hamlet Update

Hamlet is nearly ready for his waste mould and casting - I would say 90-95% there. He needs an eye on one side of his face and on the other side it needs adjusting. I might add his hogged mane now but it might be easier to do this last minute on the waste mould.

Kelly Sealey has offered to do the waste casting of him alongside Bailadito, so they are going to be mould brothers!! Seeing as Hamlet is further along in progress than Bailadito, Bailadito will most likely be put on hold for the time being while I finish Hamlet and get him sorted, then Bailadito will be next etc. etc.

But I have some photos of Hamlet here to share. I took off the excess wire the other day and no adjustments were needed at all as he stood perfectly. Result!! Now that he stands, it is so much easier to photograph him and the photos are now doing him more justice. Here we go:

Some people have already told me their colour ideas for him and it makes it even more exciting for me to get him done and finished so people can have a copy of him!!

And whilst we are on the topic of sculptures, I might as well share this tile with you. I am thinking of doing some form of series regarding tile sculptures. This is the first one, he is meant to be a fiery andalusian stallion. I have a couple more ideas I will do achieve in a similar shape to this, more information to come soon if this all pulls off!



  1. Gah, I can't get over just how good he looks! ^^ I keep changing my mind as to what colour I want to paint my copy! First it was skewbald, then piebald, then grey and now I'm swithering over buckskin or bay!

    1. I can't wait to paint a couple up, I think he would look super in a bright bay with high socks and a blaze. Maybe you need more than one! ;) Haha.