Saturday, 13 October 2012

BMECS 2012

I suppose a week late is better than nothing!

BMECS was a real eye opener when I went. All of the top horses from the country were at this show and my very own artwork was competing against them. It is good to see where you stand in terms of quality and how your models compete against some very big names.

The day started off ok, I entered my performance entries and although I came last in both classes, I hate performance!! So am still pleased I survived the tacking up without throwing anything across the room...
My other entry was my micro mini performance set-up.

Classes followed on, I only enter the custom and Artist Resin sections; at the end of the day the OF classes overran and all those waiting for the AR classes to start had to wait! The show didn't end until gone 7:30pm, by this point I was able to get away. This custom BOTW Andalusian that I painted came fourth in the CM Iberians class:
And this little stablemate who had only been shown once before (and came first in a class of one!!) came sixth in a very large custom mustang class. As you can tell, I was surprised and thrilled as I wasn't sure how well he would fair at all!
At some point during the day (I am guessing around lunchtime!) we stopped for lunch and a break from the judging. The raffle was called then and we all sat down on the floor as the numbers were read out!
The afternoon ploughed on as we got through over 100 classes on the day. I got some average placings which I was pleased with (these models are the best of the best!) and some little surprises too...

This micro mini shetland came 2nd in a large native class!
In fact, my micro minis did really well at BMECS! Another of mine came first in his class:
And a micro mini that a friend of mine owns came first in his class too!
The real icing on the cake though was when it came to the customs championship... That little micro got a BMECS Top Ten!
It is such a nice feeling when that happens - loads of wonderful artists had made it through to the championship and it was such a delight to see that mine was ranking amongst them all!

Although not 1st/2nd placings, I still got a couple of other nice results too that I am proud of. My Sadie Shoofly, for example, came 3rd in the Other American class.
And my mini Cromwell resin came 3rd in his class. I showed him as a Brabant.
I am also proud of my Wee Jay resin. He was in the Warmblood class among the Williams Eberls and the judge even admitted it was such a tough class. But my little resin jumped away with 6th place!
A massive public THANK YOU to all the organisers, judges, everyone for making it such a brilliant day... Roll on next year!


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