Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ruffian CM in progress

I bought a Ruffian body off a lady in the UK that had a Peter Stone Arabian head. When I saw her for sale, I immediately had to have her; there was so much potential for this body!

I was debating between mohair and sculpted hair but went for sculpted hair in the end. I got some aluminium foil and secured it in place on the model and it looked quite funky! it also gave me a brief insight as to what the horse would look like with the mane and tail...

I began sculpting the mane in sections both above and below the foil so it looked windswept. I am thinking a bright dappled bay for her colour now, she looks so honest and happy with her face too!

As you have probably realised, though... This mare doesn't have a base! I was considering making my own briefly but in the meantime I put up wanted ads for one as it would make my life a great deal easier. I was in luck, as someone else in the UK had one and she let me have it! So a thanks goes out to Cristina, my mare can now stand and I can continue sculpting her mane and tail, then prepwork and she will be ready for paint.

Hopefully I will have her finished over the Christmas period, but I need to get my mini sculptures finished along with some commissions...



  1. Oooh, what an interesting combination!

    1. Yes, I wouldn't have thought to have done it myself! Can't wait to finish her. :)