Sunday, 18 November 2012

The final stretch!

I haven't mentioned much about my mini resins in progress, and so this blog post is a massive explanation!

Back in the summer, I sent Kelly Sealey in the UK Bailadito, my andalusian miniature sculpture in progress. I couldn't work on him in the clay form any more and so I needed a resin cast so I could finish him off in apoxie. Then, in September, I started Hamlet, my cob gelding sculpture. About a month or so ago, I then sent him to Kelly as well so he and Bailadito could be mould brothers! I received them last week from Kelly and I am very happy with them, and I can get them finished and produced in resin.

However, it wasn't all good news... Unfortunately at Kelly's the clay had reacted with the rubber and so they became a sticky, gooey mess. Kelly luckily managed to save the models for me and so I did end up with castings, thank goodness! They have just lost some detail. I was planning on further sculpting on them too so it is no problem at all! This was how they arrived to me. I was so excited to get my mits on them!

I then spent the majority of yesterday evening putting details on them all...

I think Hamlet will be ready first out of the two, for a start he has his feet. Although he was the most badly affected of the two in the moulds, he has always come along much quicker than Bailadito and I even made more progress on him last night!

As soon as he is released, I can then work on Horatio too.

Bailadito cannot stand so excuse my hands in the pictures (but oh, look at my nail varnish, isn't it lovely?!) but he is certainly coming along well too now.

I am pleased with his chest! I find sculpting in apoxie and waiting for it to set so much easier than clay, but clay is a really good starting point for getting the sculpture right initially in terms of proportion. Everyone has different styles for doing things and this is what I admire and enjoy the most about art.

However, these sculptures both had one other thing in common... Their backs were both too short! So guess what came next...

Resin dust! Yep, I had to cut them both in half... Not a pretty sight!

... It had to be done...

So then I sought about sticking them together again... If this was a one off OOAK horse, I would pin it with wire and do the works, however these are going to have casts made from them and so I am not bothering with that. I still need to add more apoxie and sand down everywhere, but for now these are what the two sculptures look like...


I am very pleased with Hamlet especially; after putting the extra bit in his back, he really looks like the references I was using.

Bailadito is also looking better. This sculpture's back was a more subtle problem than Hamlet, but it still needed doing.

Expect to see lots more updates in the coming weeks, I aim to get Hamlet finished off ASAP and then I can work on Bailadito leisurely whilst Hamlet is on holiday with the casters. I can't wait!


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