Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Round Tuit

My mum has a plate that we rediscovered in our Kitchen from our move back to the UK from Barcelona that is entitled 'A Round Tuit'. It is a funny joke about how you can never get around to doing things and it gives us all a laugh!

Last night, I completed this custom on the Breyer Ariat model. He is classic scale and after giving him a resculpted mane and painting him to a chestnut, I was thinking that he would really perhaps suit being shown as a thoroughbred instead of a Quarter Horse. Either way, I thought the name 'A Round Tuit' suited him perfectly, although perhaps more in the British horse racing world. So let me introduce you to him!

His face is so charming and it holds such honesty!

I also gave him a bundle of dapples. I actually painted his dapples and last coat alongside my Ruffian custom, Kayleigh. It just turned out that I was more inspired by her at the time and so she was finished first.

I will be showing him once or twice this year where after that he will be placed up for sale.



  1. We've got one of those plates! I intend to put it above my desk so I don't procrastinate so much!