Saturday, 8 December 2012

New Background

I recently won a background from Westwood Memorial Stables on eBay and I love it! It is just a fraction larger than A2 size and I will be trying it out on my traditional horses soon, but for now I tried it out with my little Union Jack resin sculpted by Kelly Savage, who is shown as an Australian Stock Horse and goes by the name Joey. I am pleased with how the photos came out, although the glare on the background from the lighting can be rather frustrating! But once the lighting was sorted the photos turned out great and I had a great deal of fun!
This has to be my favourite shot! So life like!
I have also recently ordered a bunch of supplies including sanding pads and paint, and so when I return home for Christmas (on Monday!) I will be plugging away on commissions, painting and sculpting too. I cannot wait!

I hope everyone is enjoying their run up to Christmas!


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