Thursday, 13 December 2012


I purchased the beautiful Obrigado resin by Eberl a couple of weeks ago, and I must admit with a load of coursework deadlines and work at university, along with my driving test that had come up (and I passed! Second time lucky!) and returning home for Christmas, I had completely forgotten about my long awaited stallion. So when I picked the parcel up I was surprised at its size but just thought it was some models I had won on eBay recently (another few reasons why I had forgotten about him!) but when I saw where the parcel had come from, I squealed and leapt for joy! Obrigado is now home!

I am so pleased that I have him and I am also slightly shocked that I forgot about his grand arrival. I am so excited to paint him but I am afraid to say that he is to refrain naked for a while whilst I finish my resins-to-be Hamlet and Baliadito.

They both just need some extra fine details and prepping in general and then they will both be done. I keep saying this!!

I have lots of other things coming up in the studio and as I mentioned earlier, some customs as I have bought some models on eBay to paint this winter. So stay tuned!


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